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Wings' Draper to use visor full time

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  • Wings' Draper to use visor full time

    Wings' Draper to wear visor full time
    Canadian Press

    10/20/2005 9:04:59 AM

    DETROIT (AP) - After being hit in the right eye with a puck, Detroit's Kris Draper says he's feeling "lucky" and will be wearing a visor on his helmet from now on.

    "It's already on," Draper told the Detroit News for a Thursday story. "I know how lucky I was. It was pretty close. Talking to the doctors, they recommended it."

    Draper was hit during the second period of the Red Wings' Monday win over the San Jose Sharks. He left the game to undergo precautionary tests.

    Draper's eye was bruised and swollen nearly shut.

    The orbital bone will be evaluated Friday but he could practice Thursday. If swelling and fluid levels decrease, he should play this weekend.

    Draper said he was backchecking during the Monday game when the puck deflected off a stick.

    "I never saw it coming," he said.

    Draper came close to another eye injury a few years ago when a stick glanced off his eye. He wore a visor for a while but eventually took it off for comfort and because sweat on the shield could block vision. He used it again during world championships and while skating during last season's lockout.

    Now, he said, he'll force himself to get used to it.

    "This is different, it's not just about me anymore," Draper said. "All of a sudden you look at your kids and they look back at you and they're squinting and trying to find their dad behind the mask he's wearing right now. . . . That's something that has hit home the last couple of days."

    Draper said visors are worn by other players, including Red Wings Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg, Colorado's Joe Sakic and Philadelphia's Peter Forsberg.

    Besides Draper's injury, Toronto's Mats Sundin suffered a broken orbital bone this season and Detroit's Steve Yzerman had a serious eye injury in the 2004 playoffs.

    Many players say it should be left to individuals to decide if a visor will be worn, but that they could get used to visors if they were mandated by the NHL.

    Detroit's Jiri Fischer had to wear a visor when he played last season in the Czech Republic league.

    "I got used to it and, at the end, it didn't bother me at all," he said.[/b][/quote]

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    The days of visor-less players will soon be gone.
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      QUOTE(CSD @ Oct 20 2005, 09:38 PM) Quoted post

      The days of visor-less players will soon be gone.

      Eventually, they'll have them all wearing full face shields like the colleges do
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        and off the ice, a paper bag