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My only thoughts after the game

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  • My only thoughts after the game

    Fuck Houston
    Fuck the Astros
    Fuck the State of Texas
    Fuck Lamb
    Fuck Biggio
    Fuck Berkman
    Fuck Ausmus
    Fuck Ensberg
    Fuck Chris Burke
    Fuck Tavarez
    Fuck Phil Garner
    Fuck Phil Garners mustache
    Fuck Bagwell
    Fuck Lane
    Fuck Clemens
    Fuck Pettitte
    Fuck Backe
    Fuck Oswalt
    Fuck Qualls
    Fuck Lidge
    Fuck Minute Maid
    Fuck Minute Maid Park
    Fuck Orange Juice
    Fuck the hill
    Fuck the flagpole
    Fuck the Crawford boxes
    Fuck Crawford Street
    Fuck the killer bees
    Fuck Deep In The Heart Of Texas
    Fuck Day-O
    Fuck the buzzing sound
    Fuck Wheeler
    Fuck RISP
    Fuck Everett
    Fuck He Sop Choi
    Fuck Marquis
    Fuck King
    Fuck Thundersticks
    Fuck Rally Towels
    Fuck the American League
    Go White Sox

    Feel free to add your own. It really helps.

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    The most recurring thought I had: Damn, that's the last time we're ever gonna see a game played in Busch Stadium...