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Somewhere Renteria is breathing a sigh of relief

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  • Somewhere Renteria is breathing a sigh of relief

    Huge. Incalculable, actually

    Despite Nunez' valiant effort, Rolen is the 3rd of the Big 3 on this team. Due to injury he's missed the majority of two of the past 3 post seasons. He is the major key to our defense, and other than Pujols, is the go-to guy on offense.

    Last year he flamed out in the postseason, but was light out in the regular season.

    He is the key. He needs to remain healthy ALL year next season (besides acting as protection in the lineup for AP), and produce big numbers in the post season.

    His presence in the lineup was missed more than any of us will ever possibly know.
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    But you gotta give credit to Nunez. I don't think he could've played better than he did.