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Torre 'wants to manage' the Yankees again

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  • Torre 'wants to manage' the Yankees again

    Torre says he 'still wants to manage' Yankees
    Associated Press

    NEW YORK -- Joe Torre considered resigning last week, then decided during a meeting with owner George Steinbrenner to return next season as manager of the New York Yankees.

    Speaking publicly for the first time since the Yankees lost to the Los Angeles Angels in the first round of playoffs last week, Torre said he wasn't sure at first whether he wanted to stay.

    "It was a waffle. It was going back and forth," he said during a news conference Tuesday at Yankee Stadium. "It certainly came to mind: Do I want to continue to do this?"

    Torre, 65, didn't want to make a decision in the aftermath of the Yankees' elimination on Oct. 10 because he was exhausted. He spent several days with his family thinking over his future.

    "I realize I still want to do this thing. I still want to manage," he said. "There's only one place to manage in my estimation. It's been the best time I've ever had, these 10 years."

    Torre led New York to four World Series titles in his first five seasons, but the Yankees have not won the World Series since 2000. He has two years remaining on his contract.

    "Joe and I had a great meeting yesterday," Steinbrenner said in a statement. "We both look forward to bringing a championship back to New York and our great fans."

    Torre contacted Yankees executives on Saturday to suggest the meeting. Torre and Yankees president Randy Levine traveled from New York to Tampa, Fla., on Monday and met with Steinbrenner for 45 minutes to an hour at Legends Field.

    Torre was angered by Steinbrenner's public criticisms during the season.

    "I just wanted to pretty much clear the air on everything that was part of my unhappiness or anger or whatever you want to call it, frustration. I guess you can put all those things under the same heading," Torre said.

    Torre wanted to make sure Steinbrenner wanted him back.

    "I had to not only hear it, but hear the tone in which it was said," he said.

    Torre hopes Brian Cashman will return as general manager. Cashman's contract expires Oct. 31, and the Yankees want to keep him.[/b][/quote]

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