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For Fans of the Singing Quizno's Marmot/Rats

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  • For Fans of the Singing Quizno's Marmot/Rats

    Click on "We like the moon."

    They like zeppelins and cheese too.
    I let my hair air dry thereby getting more hair pie
    I want to fire blanks in Tyra Banks
    I like shorn quim lasses in horn-rimmed glasses
    but Cindy Crawford ...offered
    I would keep a tidy room for Heidi Klum
    I'm immersed in Kirstie Alley's thirsty valley

    I want a smelly slice of Kelly Price
    Plus get with the hairy scar of Teri Garr
    I would jizz early inside Liz Hurley
    Sigourney Weaver has a thrashing horny beaver
    Winona Ryder? Going inside her!
    I want to get on the whole width of Anna Nicole Smith