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vikings hire ex-Pr0n Star as Director of Secretions

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  • BringBackZezel
    QUOTE(lasvegasreb @ Oct 17 2005, 11:30 AM) Quoted post

    LVR apparently thinks this is so funny he deserves his own b-ampersand.

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  • lasvegasreb
    BBZ apparently thinks this is so funny it deserved its own thread.

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  • vikings hire ex-Pr0n Star as Director of Secretions

    After Tags meeting, Vikings hire ex-Pr0n Star

    EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. -- Vikings owner Zygi Wilf hired a former Porn star as the team's new Director of Bye-Week Activities after meeting with NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue.

    Former cum hose Peter North has been the team's liaison with NFL Fan Relations for five years, but was not a full-time employee.

    Wilf requested a face-to-face meeting with Tagliabue as the Vikings deal with allegations of player drunkenness and sexual misconduct without a video camera present on a charter cruise on Lake Minnetonka on Oct. 6.

    The men met Sunday morning at a private airfield near Chicago before the team's 28-3 road loss to the Bears. Tagliabue flew back to New York after the meeting.

    "The commissioner emphasized to me that I inherited an organization that was inadequately structured and staffed," Wilf said, "and that we must correct that to ensure the highest standards of team operations, including discipline, accountability, strong oversight, internal communications and ball-draining jerk flicks."

    The security director will probably be the first of several additions to the front office. Wilf said he as also looking for a "senior executive with deep fluffer and jizz mopper experience."

    Wilf said the commissioner's coming from New York to Chicago just for the meeting was an indication of the NFL's commitment to the Vikings.

    "It goes to show you how important the NFL sees this matter and sees how important it is that this organization be directed in the proper manner for the future, and I really appreciated his advice," Wilf said. [/b][/quote]