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This really is not over

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  • This really is not over

    I know I had a thread saying the exact opposite last week, but .....

    Carpenter seems to me to be much like Albert Pujols. He knows what is on the line. He is a gamer. I can see him pitching he best game of the year tonight. Much like Albert, he'll step up his game. I know I could be way off base here. Carpenter has never been in this position before. But watching him this year and seeing his demeanor, I think this will be a show for Carpenter. If we can bring this series back to St Louis, anything can happen. We were down 3-2 to these guys last year when they brought it back home. This time we have Mulder waiting for them. Then we have Morris pitching at home.

    I was worried about losing this series before game one. Now being down 3-1, I am still not writing them off.


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    I'm not worried about Carp.

    For that matter, I think Mulder and Morris will give the Cardinals a chance to win also.

    Quite simply, this team can't drive in runs right now. They can't get hits with men on base....and that's what's killing them.

    Edmonds and Walker have looked awful, Sanders looks woozy still, and Grundzielanek, Nunez/Mabry are non-factors.

    Eckstein has gotten on base at a decent clip, but the only two hitting are Pujols and Molina....and they're doing it with no one on in front of them.

    The pitching is there.

    If the Cardinals can score 4 runs a game, they'll win this series.
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      This is one of the best offenses in the Major Leagues. They can't be dormant forever. All it takes is that one game for them to get their bats back. Get that confidence flowing tonight and bring this back to St Louis to win it in front of the home crowd.