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Things on my mind which probably don't interest you....

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  • Things on my mind which probably don't interest you....

    ...while FAWX's Steve 'Psycho' Lyons tries to work in a Roger Clemens reference into the game...

    1) If Abraham Nunez is healthy (a big if @ this point), I think LaRussa should consider putting Nunez @ second and Mabry @ third b/c Mark Grudzielanek isn't getting it done...I love what he's done for this team this year on defense and with the bat, but this guy is 3 for 25 (.120) and it looks painfully obvious that he's pressing (looks like he's hitting flat-footed alot)....maybe give him a rest today IF you can or use him as a defensive replacement later on in the game...or, maybe (prayerfully) Backe is the elixir...

    2) Speaking of Nunez, I don't think Lane had any malicious intent in his slide yesterday....I look @ this 'slide' in two ways:

    a) He was trying to beat out Walker's throw from right-field and not long after rounding second, he couldn't decide whether to slide or standup and chose slide @ the last possible second, giving us this awkward, inside attempt...
    b) Why didn't Walker hit his cut-off man? Personally, I don't think he had much of a shot nailing Lane @ 3rd from rightfield and kind of let Nunez out to dry on the throw, drawing him into the baseline and in the way of the 'Lane Train' my opinion, on a hit like that, you try and prevent the runner round first a chance @ advancing...

    3) Notre Dame-USC game was arguably one of the best college football games I've seen in quite some time...being the ND fan I am ( [img]style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/tongue.gif[/img] ) , I was happy w/ the fight they put up against a team that not many gave them a chance to even be in the same building as the mighty left-coasters....on the flip side, I was disappointed that victory eluded them and won't take solace in some sort of 'moral victory' here...the defense had some nice plays yesterday, but you gotta make the big stops to win ballgames like yesterday's...

    4) Kudos to Matt Leinart on that fourth down toss late in the game yesterday, not to mention the testicular fortitude to take the ball himself to the's the stuff that Heisman voters look back on...

    5) Last long till someone in the media starts with the 'Charlie Weis is winning with Ty Willingham's team' pieces? I'm guessing by the end of the week....

    6) I wouldn't wanna be a Minnesota Golden Gopher special teamer today....

    7) Back to baseball: I'm not one to bitch aboot television announcers or how they cover a game, but yesterday's 'effort' by FOX was just ridiculously stupid...first off, FOX needs to lose the upper centerfield camera that's skewed to the right center field side...the angle doesn't provide anything @ all, unless you like a view of a camera that makes you guess what a strike is
    ....secondly, if you have a high definition teevee, you'll know what I'm talking aboot here: when watching the game yesterday @ my brother's, FOX just absolutely loved switching to that lipstick cam in front of the pitcher and home on regular television, it's an okay angle, but on high-def, it's highly annoying you go from widescreen to 4:3 CONSTANTLY with the switches...the director needs less caffeine...
    ...thirdly, please stop with the Roger Clemens story: we all get it that he unfortunately lost his mother to a tragic illness, that he's suffering from a hamstring injury and that he's Roger Clemens, yet we just need to know that Roger's dearly departed mother had a vision of Shoeless Joe Jackson and a 10-2 score on her death bed, thanks to the Steve Lyons Roger Clemens Bureau....

    8) Is it just me or do the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim-that-are-located-in-Southern California-just north of San Diego-and-south-of-San-Francisco look painfully flat against the White Sox? The pitching is woefully average with Colon out and their hitting outside of Erstad and Cabrera is pathetic...

    9) Paging Vlad Guererro....Paging Vlad're bat is needed in game five of the LCS....

    10) And finally, I leave you with this quote from Dusty Baker that appears in the current edition of ESPN The Magazine, page 36...

    "I got no one to root for. I sure as heck ain't rootin' for the White Sox or Cardinals. But maybe Atlanta, since they've won all those divisions but only one championship. The Angels just won it, against me, so forget them. Anyway, fishing season starts in November. That's my time." -- Baker, when asked if he was watching the playoffs this year

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    Good stuff.

    As to your point (3), Weis essentially said the same thing about moral victories to the press after the game. I was going to give my game ball of the week to Rick Minter for the defensive game plan he had against USC, until that fourth down play at the end of the game. What was he doing in man coverage on that play?

    I think we need to take a chill pill on the Cards. With the Astros pitching, the likelihood that this series was going to go six or seven games was quite high. We need to win one game in Houston, and today is the day to win that one. Suppan gave us a big performance against LA last year in the NLDS, and I don't think it's unreasonable to think that he can give us one today, regardless of our lineup. If we win today, I like our chances of winning two of the next three.
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      Nice post 007.

      I agree on the point about Grudz. There's no reason that Luna can't start at 2B if Nunez can't answer the bell.

      I totally agree about the comment regarding Lane's slide.

      While you're paging--"Mr. Edmonds, Mr. Jim Edmonds please return to the form that killed Houston pitching in the Juice Box."
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        chose slide @ the last possible second, giving us this awkward, inside attempt...[/b][/quote]

        Couldn't have been the "last possible" second because he still had plenty of time to hang his leg up in the air to kick Nunez over. [img]style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/wink.gif[/img]
        Damn these electric sex pants!

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          The picture is indisputable proof. Unless you're trying to injure someone, your knee will never, ever be that high.

          He still would have knocked Nunez down if he had slid regularly and it would have been a clean play.

          And you're right; a lot of those things didn't interest me. I would have liked to have heard 007's thoughts on the new 007, though.
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            You are right, we don't care
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              If Luna starts, the season is done.
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                QUOTE(lazydaze @ Oct 16 2005, 11:10 AM) Quoted post

                If Luna starts, the season is done.

                I'm hoping its Mabry if AN can't go.

                Luna has made far too many 'WTF plays' this year.
                Go Cards ...12 in 13.