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    Still showing up.

    I wondered how to handle the base ball game thing----hoping there will be sufficient demand that I not play while the games are on. I am amazed that some people would rather I do what I do instead of just watching the game. No complaints about the way I have handled it, so far.

    Played the same bar Saturday and Wednesday---Saturday, I had planned to quit playing at 10:07, figuring out how to run the sound through my PA. Maybe start again after 3 or 4 innings.
    Never happened. I just played straight through---occasionally offering color commentary in the middle of songs. It worked out ok. The baseball people were content just to watch the game---some danced, some sang. Biggest problem was getting people out of the bar by 1:30---the game lasted beyond 1 a.m. Thanks, bud.

    Wednesday was a piece of cake. Fast game---I just did not play until it was over. Good party afterward. Thursday, I started playing right before Pujols hit the home run---had my Sax going, and accompanied what I saw with an immediate torrent of appropriate notes from the crack of the bat. Really good party, in spite of the loss.

    Game five is to be Monday at 7:20? Desoto. Free chili, baseball, Rams football(such as it is), and lots of music.

    Hope it is a wild night. Had Friday night off. Got kicked out of the Dam for wearing a hat. Went over to Calecos on Tesson Ferry, and jammed with my friends Mary Daly and Beano. Caleco's will cease to exist at that location in a couple of weeks. Returned to Festus and watched bands perform at two of the places I play. Energetic night in the Twin Cities.

    The girl on the bar does not like me much. But I like her. The other one was friendlier.