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NC State Forward May be Deported

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  • NC State Forward May be Deported

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    As the resident Lounge immigration sexpert: I'm thinking he's not gonna get deported. If he takes the voluntary departure, he can relatively easily adjust his status to a student or athlete nonimmigrant visa on an expedited basis. There are also other deportation waivers that he may be able to apply for. Given the relatively high-profile nature of an ACC basketball player, I think things will probably work out for him. Besides, a case such as this can take many years before any actual orders are issued.

    Hell, even if he is issued a deportation order, it's not as if there are armed guards there waiting to take him away. I see dozens of deportation orders a day and 99% of the people go right back to work. Of course these people don't have the profile of an ACC basketball player.