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How Bout That Defense?

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  • How Bout That Defense?

    It let us down yesterday.

    Several of us on here expressed doubt concerning the defense this season. I actually think it could be a liability.

    It certainly was yesterday -- now, I know, it was just the first game, so save your keystrokes.

    Yes, Morris pitched poorly, but we scored enough runs to win AND even with Matt's rough outing, we still could have won the game with "solid" but not spectacular defense.
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    The fundamentals, overall, were poor yesterday.
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      I wouldn't go so far as to say it's a liability because of all the top level defensive players they have, but it's undoubtedly weaker than it was last season. I wouldn't be surprised if the defense costs them a couple games this year.


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        Renteria always kicks shit around early in the year.
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