If you like the War President's handling of the war, and you admire the Constitutional President's handling of the Supreme Court, you're going to love how the Deficit President takes on the economy!

Bush Preparing for Greenspan Successor

Now that he's tackled the Supreme Court openings, President Bush is preparing for another high-profile nomination: a successor to Alan Greenspan, whose 18-year run at the Federal Reserve comes to an end in just over three months.

Often referred to as the second-most powerful person in the United States, Greenspan's last day is expected to be Jan. 31.

Speaking at a wide-ranging news conference on Tuesday, Bush touched briefly on the White House's efforts to select a new Fed chairman. He called the process to find Greenspan's replacement "ongoing."

"There is a group of people inside the White House ... who will bring forth nominees," Bush said.[/b][/quote]

But isn't that the problem? That group inside the White House, and more specifically them bringing forth nominees?

Didn't Dick pick himself to be "Big Time?" "Hustlin' Harriet" hustle through her own nomination? I don't know if it's cronyism that selected Brown for FEMA or the ability to make a cute nickname out of Brownie, but either way do we really need "Cappy" to Chair the Federal Reserve the next couple generations?

Drawing frequent mentions for Greenspan's job are:

--Ben Bernanke: A former Fed board member, he recently became Bush's top economist.

--Martin Feldstein. An economics professor at Harvard University and president of the National Bureau of Economic Research, he advised Bush when the Texas governor ran for president in 2000.

--R. Glenn Hubbard. Dean of Columbia University's graduate school of business and an economics professor, he was Bush's chief economic adviser from 2001 to 2003.[/b][/quote]

Dark horse candidates (with some precedent) for Federal Reserve Chairman to be picked by Bush include:


"Moustache!" He looks smart

"Herman Gobbles" You get me

'Moonie...(sigh)" Stupid soul contract.

Or absolutely any gay male escort (or spy) that gets separated from his group during a White House tour.