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Ray King's Father Passed Away Today

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  • Ray King's Father Passed Away Today

    That's why he wasn't used today -- according to TLR.
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    Well shit. Poor guy. Hope he's handling it ok.
    Of course you do.


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      QUOTE(FAR52 @ Oct 6 2005, 06:33 PM) Quoted post

      That's why he wasn't used today -- according to TLR.

      I thought I heard him say that on Fox MW, but didn't catch it all

      The best to him and his family


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        Man, that's unfortunate. At least King got to see him this past weekend. Said he finally felt peace and came to terms with it. Who knows but maybe that's why he's struggled this season --- particularly of late.

        I hope Ray King the best. He seems like a wonderful person. Always liked the guy.


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          I'm sorry Ray has to deal with all of this. From all that I have been able to tell, he seems like a great guy. I hope the best for him.
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            All my my best to Ray and his family.
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            You'll never be forgotten.


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              Kind of explains why Ray might not have been at his best sometimes this season. His mind had to be someplace else at times.
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                All my best to you and your family, Ray.

                I'm so sorry.
                Sometimes elections have positive consequences!


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                  Thoughts and prayers for Ray and his family.
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