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    Alex Stirlen wanted to kill himself. Killing Erin Mace? That wasn't meant to hurt her, he said.

    "If I'm going to commit suicide, I wanted to be with the person I loved," the 17-year-old murder suspect said in an interview Wednesday evening at the St. Louis County Justice Center.

    Stirlen said he felt compelled to set the record straight about why he beat, strangled and raped Erin near a Mississippi River levee in East Carondelet on Friday night. It wasn't because he was angry or jealous, he said.

    It was because he was depressed and selfish.

    He said he killed her, "So we could be together."

    Speaking through a glass barrier in a visitation room in the jail at Clayton, he said, "I know what I did and I deserve to be punished to the fullest extent."

    As he spoke, Lindbergh High School classmates were filing past Erin's casket at a wake miles away. They were his classmates too; he said he was sorry he let them down.

    Stirlen agreed to the jailhouse interview after a judge refused a request by his defense lawyer, Paul Yarns, to put a gag order on his own client.

    "I can't prevent you from speaking to the press," Judge Brenda Stith Loftin said in a late-afternoon hearing called after Stirlen did a television interview. "But clearly, you are not paying attention to your attorney's advice."

    In an interview with the Post-Dispatch, Stirlen said he doesn't want people to believe he planned the crime three weeks in advance, as he said authorities have suggested.

    He said he hatched the plot on Sept. 28, two days before he carried it out. A feeling of helplessness led to suicidal thoughts. His thoughts "progressed" to killing Erin.

    He told no one of his plan, he said, and he doesn't think anyone in his circle of friends at Lindbergh High School suspected a thing.

    The plan was to trick Erin to come with him to the levee, a party spot. He would kill her, then drive to a gas station and douse her SUV with gasoline. He would set a fire that would kill them both. "People would think it was a tragic accident."

    The fire was supposed to scrub away the horrible act, he said.

    No one would remember him with anger, the way he knows they do now.

    "I wanted to die after I did it," he said, speaking plainly and staring squarely though the thick glass. "But things didn't work out."

    Stirlen is held on charges of first-degree murder, rape, arson, armed criminal action and tampering with evidence. He was arrested Friday evening at the scene of the burning SUV, questioned and eventually released. Two hunters' discovery of incriminating evidence in East Carondelet on Sunday led to Stirlen's re-arrest and filing of the charges. Thereafter, St. Louis County police said, he confessed virtually every detail.

    Journal says it all

    Stirlen said that his Web journal on a St. Louis punk music site - much talked about since his arrest - says it all about his state of mind going into the crime. His heart had been broken time after time, he said in the interview. His spirits sank lower and lower.

    Friends wanted him to change everything about himself, an idea he felt appalling. He said he was always a good listener for others, but that no one wanted to listen to his problems.

    "They always put their needs ahead of mine," he said.

    Other worries piled on, he said. He was failing classes he needed to pass in order to graduate this spring. College plans would be put on hold. He worried that his landlady, who required good grades as a condition of letting him stay, would evict him. He owed people money but had no job.

    Fixing his life meant working for grades, getting alternative schooling, getting a job. All of that seemed too difficult, he said.

    He said could not see a path to success. Now, he said, he knows he should have tried harder.

    "I have spent every second regretting it," he said. "There were a million things I could have done differently."

    Stirlen said he received little support after a suicide attempt nine months ago. He had taken a bottle of a friend's attention deficit disorder medicine. Afterward he spent a week at St. Anthony's Hyland Behavioral Health Center and saw a psychologist. But he didn't ask people at school for help.

    After moving out of his family's house earlier this year, he said, all he had left were his friends.

    Erin was one of them.

    He said he kept pursuing her romantically but "something else would come up." Usually, the something else was that she got attracted to someone else.

    About three weeks ago, he said, she told him she was interested in another teen.

    "It bothered me," he said, but he insisted that it was not why he killed her.

    Something took over

    Stirlen said he executed the first half of his plan perfectly. Erin went with him to the levee. They talked about school and friends for about 40 minutes.

    "I had everything I needed," he said. "I wasn't sure I was going to do it."

    Then something took over, he said. He knows he hit Erin with the baseball bat, but said, "I don't remember feeling it in my hands." He said he raped her before she was dead.

    "I took no pleasure in hurting her," he said. Raping her "was just a way to be with her, period. A way to condense the entire relationship into an hour or so."

    Stirlen said he thinks Erin was dead in the back seat before he returned to the Missouri side to scout out gas stations.

    But the stations were crowded, he said. The plan no longer seemed feasible. He pulled over in familiar territory - along Green Park Road near his rented room. Then he doused the vehicle with gasoline and lit it on fire.

    He said his new plan was to "act innocent, like I was anyone else."[/b][/quote]

    Helter Skelter!


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    It is a crazy story and he is certainly a crazy looking kid.


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      QUOTE(jusse @ Oct 6 2005, 09:13 AM) Quoted post

      It is a crazy story and he is certainly a crazy looking kid.

      He looks like Jack Black.

      It is a fucked up story. Kill the MF. Yesterday.
      But wait. There is something that can be done afterall. My good friend Angelo is a cop in the Tampa/Clearwater area. Since I kept all of the files from the access logs when I had the power to see them, guess what, I have everyone's IP addresses. Hmm..what can I do w/ those??


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        Life in prison for the fucker.

        Make sure there are two pictures in the cell with him.

        One of that girl and the other of the crime scene. No sense trying to fix someone so fucked up in the head and you might as well punish him in a cruel and unusual manner.


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          That bastard needs to fry.

          Fucking loser.
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            Hang the bastard by his balls when the boys use the gym. Or call all boys to the auditorium to do so. Don't kill him, just make him suffer ... maybe scream in excruciating pain for 15 minutes or so. Repeat as deemed necessary to get the point across that sexual crimes will be punished in a sexually hurtful way.
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              QUOTE(ElviswasaBluesFan @ Oct 6 2005, 07:33 AM) Quoted post

              Fucking loser.

              Great call.

              That's really what this boils down to. She didn't like me, so I raped and killed her.

              Good riddance.
              His mind is not for rent, to any god or government.
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                I blame Columbine and this wave of tolerance for freaks and outcasts for this.

                10 years ago would a hot chick even look crosseyed at this guy? Hell no. He would be getting beat down in the hallways and bathroom on an hourly basis and have such low self esteem that talking to a girl would have been impossible.

                Now these freaks are accepted. What bullshit. They should be bullied and beaten until they drop out or go to logos.


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                  this is surely a death sentence waiting to happen.

                  it is too strange beyond explanation. the problem is that some of these groups of kids are so weird in what they do in their everyday lives, the lines of reality become so blurred who knows who is seriously deranged or not.
                  Roy Mueller

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                    QUOTE(billiken_roy @ Oct 6 2005, 04:22 PM) Quoted post

                    this is surely a death sentence waiting to happen.

                    it is too strange beyond explanation. the problem is that some of these groups of kids are so weird in what they do in their everyday lives, the lines of reality become so blurred who knows who is seriously deranged or not.

                    I don't think there any groups of kids who are homicidially wierd. The girl he killed was apparently in his group, for example.

                    I'm all for frying this guy, no question, but I'm going to look are 'weird'-looking teenagers any differently. The individual has nothing to do with the group.
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