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  • Family Guy back in production

    You can't keep a good `Guy' down
    By Hotline
    Monday, April 5, 2004

    Fueled by DVD sales and strong ratings for its reruns, the animated series ``Family Guy'' is going back into production - more than two years after the last original episode aired.
         Fox, which had the series originally, has an option to air the episodes first; the Cartoon Network, the show's current home, also will air them. The new episodes - at least 22 will be produced - will be ready by spring 2005.
         ``I'm just incredibly excited that we're back in business on `Family Guy,' '' creator Seth MacFarlane said in a statement. ``Now all those crazy kids who've been hounding me to bring the show back can stop bothering me and move on to more serious matters - like saving `Coupling.' ''

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    That is great news.

    Anyone want to start a letter writing campaign to save "Coupling"?
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