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Gonzalez defends Palmeiro to investigators

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  • Gonzalez defends Palmeiro to investigators

    Gonzalez: Palmeiro 'has always been clean'
    Associated Press

    NEW YORK -- Two-time AL MVP Juan Gonzalez says he told congressional investigators Tuesday that he thinks former teammate Rafael Palmeiro "has always been clean."

    A release issued by Gonzalez's agent, Alan Nero, said Gonzalez spoke by telephone to lawyers from the House Government Reform Committee about Palmeiro and answered all of their questions.

    Palmeiro was suspended Aug. 1 by Major League Baseball for failing a drug test. Congress is looking into whether he committed perjury when he testified under oath in March before the Government Reform Committee and said he "never used steroids. Period."

    Committee investigators have been speaking to Palmeiro's current or former teammates and workout partners, including Colorado outfielder Jorge Piedra, the second player publicly identified under the sport's new steroid rules when he was suspended for 10 days in April.

    Gonzalez and Palmeiro played together for the Texas Rangers from 1989-93 and in 1999.

    "I told the committee that I have never seen Raffy use steroids," Gonzalez said. "In our time playing together, I never even heard any rumors that he was using steroids. So far as I know, and believe, Raffy has always been clean."

    Gonzalez, the AL MVP in 1996 and 1998, is now with the Cleveland Indians, but he tore a hamstring muscle in his only at-bat this season.

    Jose Canseco wrote in his book "Juiced" that he introduced steroids to Texas teammates, including Palmeiro and Gonzalez. Asked in February about the book and its allegations, Gonzalez said: "It's not true. ... I never saw needles. I never saw pills. I never saw anything. ... The only guys who have put needles in my body are doctors."

    Calls to Nero and a committee spokesman after office hours Tuesday night were not immediately returned. [/b][/quote]

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    most addicts will protect their suppliers.
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      Yeah, this pretty much proves Gonzalez was using.
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        Steroids IS bad! [img]style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/showoff.gif[/img]
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          Was there even any ruckus about steroids before Caseco's book came out?
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