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Question About the Current NHL Deal

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  • Question About the Current NHL Deal

    I got this from

    OLN will air at least 58 regular-season games as well as a number of postseason games. OLN reaches 64 million U.S. homes, down from the 89 million reached by ESPN2, which carried 50 of the NHL's 70 televised games in '03-04. (The others were on ESPN.) Beginning on Jan. 14, NBC will air games on some Saturdays through the end of the season, as well as at least two games of the finals.[/b][/quote]

    If I'm reading it right, there will only be a few postseason games nationally broadcast? Say what you will about ESPN, they still broadcast quite a number of playoff games.

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    Well, ESPN only showed "a number" of playoff games too...I don't expect the same number ESPN did, but I'll bet there'lll be at least one a night.


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      ESPN always had three or four games on a night during the playoffs between the two channels. Generally speaking, I couldn't care less who is televising what (well, I hope Fox always has something, at least as long as I want to work there), but I was disappointed ESPN lost the NHL specifically because of their abundance of games during the playoffs.

      Now I have to decide whether or not to buy the Center Ice package.