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How authoritative is Dr. Gary Wadler on Steroid use

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  • How authoritative is Dr. Gary Wadler on Steroid use

    He strikes me as very authoritative. I am asking this partly because I am wondering if the andro McGwire was using was not the insignificant snake-oil I had been led to believe it was. I cannot say that it was the only thing he used. From what Wadler says, I believe it is possible. I am asking---if it was---is it fair to discredit him as a cheat and a fraud? If you accept what he says about andro, where does that leave McGwire's statements not under oath that he did not use steroids? Is there any gray area here, at all?

    Some of the things Wadler has said this year in the congressional investigations: ought to realize that its foundations are starting to crack in terms of public support, in terms of its own records, and so on, and they ought to say, "You know what? This is like the Olympics, this is far more than we can handle, and there ought to be someone to reach out to who can take this burden off of us. We should be worried about equipment, about grass, about batting averages, about gloves, about whatever is specific to baseball." They should be worried about the business of baseball, and let the business of drugs be dealt with by people who are experts in the business of performance-enhancing drugs.

    2. they now banned Ephedra based on [Steve] Bechler [the Baltimore Orioles pitcher who died in 2003 after taking the drug to lose weight], they inconsistently have chosen not to ban amphetamines, which are very potent first cousins of Ephedra; amphetamines are probably more potent. So, it's inconsistent on that ground. In terms of their program on human growth hormone, they ban it, but they preclude the testing required to detect it, which is a blood test that was implemented [for the Athens Olympics] on 300 athletes.

    3. from 1998, before he waged a successful campaign to get andro out of baseball----

    Wadler: Androstenedione is a steroid, always was a steroid, always will be a steroid and should be treated with utmost respect and as a drug and not as a dietary supplement.

    Q: Athletes who take it feel that it's perfectly safe because it's called a natural supplement, and it can be bought over the counter. Do you think it should be taken off of the counters?

    Wadler: Androstenedione is no safer than testosterone. Androstenedione becomes testosterone. In many ways, they're one and the same. It's just a matter of quantity. I do not believe it should be available over the counter, period.