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Compare last year regular season with this year's regular season

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  • Compare last year regular season with this year's regular season

    This years starting pitching is much better

    This years bullpen outside of Izzy has been worse - especially the lefties.

    This years offense has been more spread around and surprisingly effective but last years was a beast.

    This year's defense other than third base has probably been better. I am a big Molina fan and believe he will make a huge difference in the post season.

    The bench has been ridiculous this year and probably the best bench I have ever seen - although last years was good - this is no contest.

    Coaching - clearly great both years - but Hal Mac - nice job so I will go with this year.

    Key player - with apologies to Albert who is so great you expect it - Rolen was the man last year - his hard nose work ethic just branded that team as almost unbeatable. This year that role goes to Eck and his make a pitcher throw me at least 6 pitches per at bat - He just grinds and grinds and grinds - and then does something positive.

    Just my thoughts
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    Last year we had MV3 and only managed to get five more wins than this squad?

    Are you on the list?