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    Well, we got to 100 and scored a lot of runs the final weekend. I have no illusions, however, that that ended the worrying. When Suppan is your best pitcher (by far) going into the playoffs, I guess a little worrying is OK.

    How worried are we, 24 hours before the ride begins?

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    Worried about the NLCS, not the NLDS.

    On a scale of 7 to 23, I am about a 16 for the NLCS.
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      I'm worried. But I would be if we went 162-0.


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        I'm not really worried, not excited either. Well I take that back, I am excited for playoff baseball, but not excited because I think this is the year.

        Doesn't mean I think they'll win or lose, just not worried or excited about the team.

        We'll see what happens.
        You're being fucking dramatic. You own a TV and an air mattress. That's not exactly what I'd call "a lot to lose."


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          I feel good that the Cardinals should beat the Padres...and can beat the winner of the ATL-HOU series.

          I feel nowhere near as good as I felt going into last year's playoffs, though.

          That team just won games it shouldn't have won. It didn't matter the score, you always felt they would win.

          This team you feel should win before the game starts, but you never know if they're going to underachieve.
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            I'm worried.

            I always worry, but I'm more worried than normal. JJ.


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              I'm not greatestshow99 worried by any means, but the pitching concernes me. From Carp, through the bullpen all the way to Izzy. It's been so strong all year and right now at the most important part of the season, they're blowing up.

              Offense seems to be clicking. Walker and Sanders came back at just the right time.

              I'm cautiously optimistic though. These guys have all been through this before and I think the sweep last year left a bad taste in their mouths.

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                I haven't been this confident since 1967.

                We've won 100 games with a mostly Triple A line-up.

                The big boys are back.

                They're not going to lose.
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                  After all the good things that happened in the game yesterday, with the exception of Morris of course, I am not worried at all. The Cardinals are on a high that is going to carry them through the playoffs and into the World Series. They are also going to win the World Series by the way.
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                    I'll let you know at 3:00 tomorrow afternoon.

                    Serisously, if we beat Peavy in Game 1, it's over. If we lose, I'll say we still have a 50/50 shot at winning the series. Peavy winning two games and then a vintage 2001 type start is the only way they beat us.


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                      Panic mode
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                        I'm not worried at all. We're wining the world series this year.


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                          My gut feeling is "extremes." I have a sense we're either going to drop it to the Padres (and quick), or win it all.

                          The stronger feeling is a seven-game win over the Yankees.


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                            QUOTE(kennyboyerfan @ Oct 3 2005, 10:49 AM) Quoted post

                            I haven't been this confident since 1967.

                            We've won 100 games with a mostly Triple A line-up.

                            The big boys are back.

                            They're not going to lose.

                            A prelude of the great writings to come!!!
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                              I see us meeting the Red Sox in the series again and beating them in 5 games.