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NHL Preseason Fight Card and Statistics (through 9/30/05)

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  • NHL Preseason Fight Card and Statistics (through 9/30/05)

    FIGHT CARD - 9/30/05:
    Lessard (Atl/HW/1-0-1) dec. vs. Stevenson (Nas/LHW/0-1) - A clear win for Lessard as he up dropping Stevenson to the ice.

    Hordichuk (Nas/LHW/0-1-1) draw vs. Boulton (Atl/HW/0-0-2) - Not much of a fight.

    Roy (Pit/HW/3-0) dec. vs. Gomez (Was/LHW/0-3-1) - They had a long square off before coming together with Roy throwing and landing a barrage of rights before they fell to the ice.

    Janssen (Phi/LW/1-0) dec. vs. Stevenson (Phi/HW/0-1) - Janssen tried to take out Stevenson as Oliwa came in for the challenge. It was too late as both already had dropped 'em. It started out as a hugfest before they started to exchange punches, Janssen landing more with one of them knocking Stevenson to the ice.

    Brashear (Phi/HW/2-0) dec. vs. Oliwa (NJ/HW/1-2) - After a faceoff, Oliwa instigated, but Brashear didn't want to go initially. Oliwa then dropped his gloves and forced himself on Brashear. Brashed ended up whipping Oliwa with a bunch of lefts to the head, with Oliwa only getting in a few non-damaging jabs. After Oliwa had enough and skated to the box, he was calling Brashear a name and mimicking him giving a blowjob.

    Brashear (Phi/HW/3-0) dec. vs. Marshall (NJ/MW/0-1) - Marshall instigated and he probably regretted it afterward. They dropped 'em as Marshall got in a decent right to start things off. Brashear then got a hold of Marshall and went to town, giving Marshall a bloody nose and a trip to the locker room.

    McMorrow (Buf/HW/1-1-3) draw vs. Nazarov (Min/HW/0-0-3) - They dropped the gloves and started grappling for position. McMorrow then tookk off his helmet, but neither could get free to get anything going.

    Brookbank (Van/HW/1-1) dec. vs. Wiemer (Cal/HW/0-1-1) - Brookbank landed more punches as Wiemer ended up with a cut over his left eye.

    Montador (Cal/LHW/1-0) dec. vs. Goren (Van/LHW/0-1) - Montador dropped Goren to the ice with one punch.

    Belanger (LA/HW/2-0-1) draw vs. Brennan (Ana/HW/0-1-1) - Early on, they dropped the gloves. Brennan started off on the offensive with some decent punches to Belanger's head, while Belanger was trying to hold him off. Brennan continued to throw before Brennan got an arm loose and got some punches off of his own. One of Belanger's shots sent Brennan to a knee. Brennan got back up, they exchanged some more before they both fell to the ice.

    Belanger (LA/HW/2-0-2) draw vs. Moen (Ana/LHW/0-0-1) - Belanger got in close and dropped 'em first, throwing on Moen, who had his back turned. Moen then turned around, dropped his gloves, then came back with some wild punches that were missing their mark and keeping Belanger a short distance away.

    Flinn (LA/1-0-1) draw vs. Brennan (Ana/HW/0-1-2) - These ex-teammates, going for a second time this preseason, started squaring off. Brennan came out of the gate with some big punches that missed the target. They then got a hold of one another and traded some punches for awhile. Both got in some decent punches.

    Fedoruk (Ana/HW/2-0-1) dec. vs. Belanger (LA/HW/2-1-2) - Belanger mouthed off to Fedoruk before Fedoruk tried to instigate with a cross check. Fedoruk then started throwing punches at Belanger while Belanger was dropping his gloves. Belanger was on the defense the entire fight, trying to hold off Fedoruk as Fedoruk kept throwing punches before taking Belanger to the ice.

    Heavyweight Division:
    Brashear (Phi) 3-0
    Roy (Pit) 3-0
    Belanger (LA) 2-1-2
    Fedoruk (Ana) 2-1-2
    Low (STL) 1-0 (T15)

    Light Heavyweight Division:
    Konopka (Ana) 1-0-1
    Vandermeer (Chi) 1-0-1
    Bouck (Van) 1-0
    Downey (STL) 1-0
    Erskine (Dal) 1-0
    Gratton (Phi) 1-0
    Jovanovski (Van) 1-0
    Montador (Cal) 1-0
    Salvador (STL) 1-0
    Ward (Ott) 1-0
    White (NJ) 1-0

    Middleweight Division:
    Goertzen (Colu) 1-0-1
    Clymer (Was) 1-0
    Dwyer (Car) 1-0
    Fisher (Ott) 1-0
    Laperierre (Colo) 1-0

    Lightweight Division:
    Janssen (Phi) 1-0
    Richards (Phi) 1-0
    Devaux (TB) 0-0-1
    Hecht (Buf) 0-0-1
    Hinote (Colo) 0-0-1
    Petrovicky (Atl) 0-0-1
    Robitaille (Was) 0-0-1
    Upshall (Nas) 0-0-1

    Buffalo 2-4-9
    Anaheim 3-1-6
    Los Angeles 3-1-6
    Ottawa 4-2-4
    Pittsburgh 5-2-1
    Philadelphia 5-2
    Columbus 3-1-3
    Minnesota 1-0-7
    Vancouver 3-4-3
    Edmonton 1-3-7
    BLUES 3-0 (T14)

    Carolina 1.000
    Colorado 1.000
    Ottawa 1.000
    San Jose 1.000
    Buffalo .750
    Chicago .750
    Los Angeles .750
    Philadelphia .750
    Anaheim .667
    Montreal .667
    Nashville .667
    New Jersey .667
    NY Islanders .667
    BLUES .500 (T14)

    Chicago - 2
    Nashville - 1

    Nashville - 35
    Chicago - 32
    Dallas - 28

    GOON GAME PICK - 10/1/05:
    Edmonton at Vancouver

    11 fights in 12 games (.917)
    TP sponsor of Everton FC, Colorado Rapids, #5 Barrett Jackman, #2 Luke Schenn, #85 Greg Jennings, #25 Jim Thome, #19 Carl Gettis, #16 Greg Biffle, #31 Mark Hamilton, and the Wisconsin Badgers