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  • Peter King's Monday Morning QB


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    Thanks, Dev.

    I think a fourth rounder for Dillon is too much.


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      I think Corey Dillon is incredibly overrated, personally. A lot of people at Fox Sports seem to be Raiders fans from when they were still in LA and they're all excited about Dillon. I've had to counter their enthusiasm by reminding them about how he is always complaining and about how he is the most inconsistent "star" back in the league. The guy will have a bunch of games when he only rushes for 40 yards, then have one or two when he rushes for 240 yards to balance out and make it look like he had a great season when really he just had a couple unbelievably good games.

      I would be shocked if Dallas traded for him.


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        One of the things I think people don't understand is just how broken down he is. When he did play this year I watched his legs as he hit the hole. No power at all. You know how when you watch Lewis or even Portis the people around them seem to warp behind them? It's hard to explain, but it's like they pull the folks with them. Dillon doesn't do that anymore.