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Dr. Z goes OFF on Jeremy Shockey

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  • Dr. Z goes OFF on Jeremy Shockey

    Giant mistake

    Dr. Z,

    God, am I ever tired of Jeremy Shockey's bull---- ... I mean his nonsense.

    The Chargers scored touchdowns on their first three possessions against the Giants on Sunday night, then they got into the end zone on their first three in the second half. The Giants have yet to tackle LaDainian Tomlinson. So what is the hot follow-up story we get in New York, in the wake of that 45-23 massacre? Shockey, the tight end and renowned intellectual leader of the Giants, moaning about coach Tom Coughlin holding out wideout Plaxico Burress for a quarter because he came late to a couple of meetings.

    The Giants always have been a team of whiners, going back to the Jim Fassel days when Michael Strahan & Co. were popping off every 20 minutes about some indignity or another. But this Shockey thing, which captured banner headlines in the New York tabloids, was the topper.

    Hey, Shockey, if you really want to help the team, why don't you grab your widedout by the throat and tell him to get his ass into the meetings on time? Everybody knows the coach has a short fuse, so why mess with him? I mean, what was Burress doing that was so important that he couldn't get there? Playing with his electronic toys? With his PlayStation?

    And a coach benches a guy, along with fining him, to put a little more bite into his message. There's nothing like being on national TV, with your ass flattening on the bench, while the announcers are explaining why you're not in the game. And what was Burress' reaction to this ultimate humiliation? "I can't say it won't happen again," was one of his quotes. Tell us about that one, Shockey.
    Dude. Can. Fly.