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Chase Daniel happy with choosing Mizzou over Texas

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  • Chase Daniel happy with choosing Mizzou over Texas

    Daniel still likes MU

    Four weeks into his first season with the Tigers, freshman quarterback Chase Daniel still is answering questions as to whether he should have taken an offer from Texas instead of Missouri.

    Daniel, who had grown up a Texas fan, made his commitment to Missouri after he said it was clear Texas had no intention of offering him a scholarship. Texas did offer Daniel a scholarship, but it was not until after quarterback Ryan Perrilloux, the No. 1 recruit in the country, reneged on his commitment to the Longhorns and signed with LSU. At the time, Daniel said he wasn't going to be Texas' second choice, and on Monday, he stood by his statement. He said Missouri was the right choice because he's been able to get on the field during his freshman season.

    When asked if he might play this weekend, he shrugged. Regardless of whether he plays and the outcome of the game, Daniel said he'll have no regrets about his decision.

    "I made the right choice based on my decisions of what was a available at the time," Daniel said. "When I came up here (Missouri) on a visit, I absolutely fell in love with it. Once I came up here, Texas was out of my mind. There was no way, and I don't care what anyone says, that I was even wagering about coming back to Texas once they offered me. Missouri is the place for me."

    Longhorns respect the mobility of Tigers quarterback

    COLUMBIA, MO. -- Texas defensive coordinator Duane Akina said blitzing probably would not be in the Longhorns' defensive scheme against Missouri on Saturday. Akina said the risk of blitzing a quarterback as mobile as Brad Smith would outweigh the reward.

    Akina said much of his hesitation to blitz is because of Smith's increased passing ability, especially when under pressure. "Anytime you have legs and arms like that, those quarterbacks are the toughest ones to prepare for," Akina said. "I think we're both fortunate that we can work against our offenses and see some similarities. So, that does help us. But obviously they (dual-threat quarterbacks) are a challenge because they can beat you two ways: with their legs and their arms."

    Missouri defensive coordinator Matt Eberflus agreed that blitzing could be dangerous against a mobile quarterback. He said the Tigers would probably decrease their pressure on Texas' Vince Young and keep the team in a base defense to contain. However, Eberflus said Missouri would have a player checking on Young to make sure he doesn't break that containment.

    "We certainly have to have a guy that has to be aware that Young doesn't break through and scramble on every single down," Eberflus said. "I think you have that built in your game plan. These guys have to be aware that at any minute, he could take off and scramble."Advertisement
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