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NHL Preseason Fight Card and Statistics (through 9/25/05)

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  • NHL Preseason Fight Card and Statistics (through 9/25/05)

    FIGHT CARD - 9/25/05:
    Peters (Buf/HW/1-1-2) draw vs. Fritz (TB/HW/1-0-1) - Off the faceoff, they dropped the gloves and squared off. Fritz made the first move, grabbing Peters. They wrestled for position before Fritz got his right free and threw a few non-damaging punches. Peters then slipped to a knee followed by Fritz. The linesman then came in. Not much of a fight.

    Hecht (Buf/LW/0-0-1) draw vs. Devaux (TB/LW/0-0-1) - A Euro nothing fight.

    Strudwick (NYR/HW/1-0) dec. vs. Orr (Bos/LHW/0-1-1) - Strudwick came out with a series of rights with some of them catching Orr. Orr countered with some punches of his own, but was unable to connect with any as Strudwick held him off.

    Roy (Pit/HW/1-0) dec. vs. Gomez (Was/LHW/0-1-1) - Round One: A grapplefest as both initially struggled to get off any good punches. They skated around before Roy finally got loose and started hammering Gomez in front of the boards.

    Roy (Pit/HW/2-0) dec. vs. Gomez (Was/LHW/0-2-1) - Round Two: Roy went after Gomez and knocked him to the ice with a series of punches. After the refs broke them up, Gomez tried to go back after Roy.

    Clymer (Was/MW/1-0) dec. vs. Bissonette (Pit/LHW/0-1) - Bissonette instigated, but Clymer had him in a headlock while feeding him a flurry of punches.

    Vandermeer (Chi/LHW/1-0-1) dec. vs. Simon (Colu/MW/no FM) - After Simon put a hit on Vandermeer, Vandermeer simply sent him down with a glove punch square to the face.

    Goertzen (Colu/MW/1-0-1) draw vs. Thornton (Chi/MW/0-1-2) - Out of a scrum from the Vandermeer-Simon scrap, Thornton instigated in what was a quick fight. They exchanged some big punches, but nothing was really landing. Thornton then slipped and fell to the ice and it was all over.

    Perrott (Tor/HW/0-0-3) draw vs. McGrattan (Ott/HW/1-0-2) - With the Senators blowing open the game, Perrott instsigated off the faceoff. They squared off before McGrattan grabbed Perrott and both exchanged some jabs in close. Both then picked up the pace and started to exchange some decent punches as Perrott tried to hold McGrattan off until the refs came in.

    Neil (Ott/LHW/1-0) dec. vs. Wilm (Tor/MW/0-1) - Neil made a big hit on a Leaf, thus Wilm came in and dropped the gloves. Neal started to fire rights while getting Wilm's helmet off and going to town.

    Fisher (Ott/MW/1-0) dec. vs. Tucker (Tor/LW/0-1) - Tucker ended up on his ass after an attempt to take out Fisher. A ticked off Tucker went after Fisher again and they dropped 'em. After some grappling, Fisher connected on a big right to Tucker that froze him. Tucker got in another good right before taking Tucker down.

    Gillier (Ana/HW/0-0-1) draw vs. Parker (SJ/HW/0-0-1) - Gillier instigated off the faceoff. The gloves came off and they squared off. They danced around hugging and trying to get an arm loose. Parker got in a non-damaging punch or two before they fell to the ice.

    Belanger (LA/HW/2-0) dec. vs. Nash (Pho/LW/no FM) - After Gauthier took out Roenick, Belanger and Kostopoulos went after Gauthier. Belanger paired up with Nash and threw him to the ice while beating him with lefts until it was broken up.

    Kostopoulos (LA/MW/0-0-1) draw vs. Gauthier (Pho/HW/0-0-1) - Kostopoulos ended up getting to Gauthier before Belanger in a grapplefest.

    Heavyweight Division:
    Belanger (LA) 2-0
    Roy (Pit) 2-0
    McGrattan (Ott) 1-0-2
    Peters (Buf) 1-1-2
    Fedoruk (Ana) 1-0-1
    Fritz (TB) 1-0-1
    Shelley (Colu) 1-0-1
    Perrott (Tor) 0-0-3
    Bonvie (Pit) 1-0
    Burnett (Dal) 1-0
    Flinn (LA) 1-0
    Fritz (TB) 1-0
    Laraque (Edm) 1-0
    Low (STL) 1-0
    Peat (Was) 1-0
    Sugden (Colu) 1-0

    Light Heavyweight Division:
    Vandermeer (Chi) 1-0-1
    Bouck (Van) 1-0
    Downey (STL) 1-0
    Erskine (Dal) 1-0
    Gratton (Phi) 1-0
    Jovanovski (Van) 1-0
    Salvador (STL) 1-0
    Ward (Ott) 1-0
    Vandenbussche (Pit) 1-1

    Middleweight Division:
    Goertzen (Colu) 1-0-1
    Clymer (Was) 1-0
    Dwyer (Car) 1-0
    Fisher (Ott) 1-0
    Thornton (Chi) 0-1-2
    Crombeen (Dal) 0-0-1
    Horcoft (Edm) 0-0-1
    Kostopoulos (LA) 0-0-1
    McCarthy (Van) 0-0-1
    McNeill (Flo) 0-0-1
    Smith (Van) 0-0-1
    Staios (Edm) 0-0-1
    Watson (Ott) 0-0-1
    Yelle (Cal) 0-0-1
    Thornton (Chi) 0-0-1

    Lightweight Division:
    Richards (Phi) 1-0
    Devaux (TB) 0-0-1
    Hecht (Buf) 0-0-1
    Petrovicky (Atl) 0-0-1
    Robitaille (Was) 0-0-1
    Upshall (Nas) 0-0-1

    Ottawa 4-0-3
    Los Angeles 3-0-3
    Columbus 3-1-3
    Pittsburgh 4-2-1
    Minnesota 1-0-6
    Buffalo 1-3-6
    Vancouver 2-1-3
    BLUES 3-0
    Edmonton 1-2-4
    Chicago 1-3-4
    Washington 2-4-2

    Calgary 1.000
    Carolina 1.000
    Detroit 1.000
    Edmonton 1.000
    Los Angeles 1.000
    Nashville 1.000
    NY Rangers 1.000
    Ottawa 1.000
    Philadelphia 1.000
    San Jose 1.000

    8 fights in 8 games (1.000)
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    I hope you keep this thread going all year long
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      QUOTE(ElviswasaBluesFan @ Sep 26 2005, 07:43 PM) Quoted post

      I hope you keep this thread going all year long

      It's been going on a few years, primarily on decided to bring it over to this site can also catch it as part of 'The Fight Card' on
      TP sponsor of Everton FC, Colorado Rapids, #5 Barrett Jackman, #2 Luke Schenn, #85 Greg Jennings, #25 Jim Thome, #19 Carl Gettis, #16 Greg Biffle, #31 Mark Hamilton, and the Wisconsin Badgers