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  • Yahoo Fantasy Basketball keeper league

    Hey guys I run a keeper basketball league (5 keepers) on yahoo and need an owner to take over a team that was abandoned last season.

    The roster is pretty shitty but there is a huge Suns fan in the league who would likely do a 2-1 deal for Steve Nash.

    PM or post in this thread if you are interested.

    Team Roster

    PG T. Parker (SA - PG)
    SG F. Jones (Ind - SG)
    G A. Daniels (Sea - PG)
    G S. Nash (Pho - PG)
    SF T. Prince (Det - SF)
    PF M. Okur (Uta - C,FC)
    F J. HowardIL (Hou - F)
    F M. Finley (Dal - GF)
    C P. Brezec (Cha - C)
    C C. Mihm (LAL - FC)
    Util J. Terry (Dal - PG)
    Util B. Bowen (SA - SF)
    BN G. Giricek (Uta - GF,SG)
    BN A. HarringtonIL (Atl - SF)
    BN D. Miles (Por - GF)
    BN L. Wright (Mem - C)
    IL B. Sura (Hou - G,SG)

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    that is one ugly, ugly roster
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      there aren't 5 worth keeping on that roster


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        I would cut bait too if my roster was that bad. Yuck.
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          Can you trade for draft picks? If you don't keep 5, do you make up those spots at the start or the end of the draft?
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            The keepers would probably be Parker, Nash, Prince, Terry, and Harrington

            If I wasnt in two leagues already, I'd take it over and build a winning team out of it
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              Actually the keepers would be STEPHON MARBURY, BEN WALLACE, TONY PARKER, TAYSHAUN PRINCE & AL HARRINGTON, if you take the trade for Nash once you take over the roster. Not a bad 5 keepers at all.

              I'm in the league too. Its easily the most active league I've been in---we had over 2,000 posts last season. The managers in there are all very willing to trade, so even if you don't like your 5 keepers personally, you can
              always trade em for guys you do like during the season. We'd love to have any of you in the league, as long as you'll be active and competitive.

              Come join, you know ya wanna. The message board draft should start this weekend.... [img]style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif[/img]
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