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pgrote, another video request for Rams Revenge

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  • pgrote, another video request for Rams Revenge

    Can you find the Alex Barron play where he pancakes Vanden Bosch on his 2nd play?
    Just keep smacking Titans all over the Edward Jones Dome. On his second NFL play, Barron pancaked Titans defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch, who up to that point was threatening to end Bulger's career. Vanden Bosch was to Saipaia what Terrell Owens is to dignity.

    And then No. 70 showed up.

    The Titans saw the rookie, saw the fresh meat, and thought they'd mess with his inexperienced head. "A couple of guys, I don't know who, they were saying, 'Oh, we got a new guy in here, oh yeah, we're going to do this, and do that.' I was just trying to stay focused," Barron said.

    Barron certainly seemed to be locked in mentally and physically on that second play, when he turned Vanden Bosch into a can of carpet cleaner.

    "I saw it," tight end Roland Williams said. "Barron lifted the guy up and slammed him right on his face. That got everybody's attention. You know, Barron is a quiet kid. He doesn't say much. But what he did on the field today was loud. Very loud."
    Dude. Can. Fly.

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    Are you smelling hyperbole?

    "Can't buy what I want because it's free...
    Can't buy what I want because it's free..."
    -- Pearl Jam, from the single Corduroy