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The plan behing the Cardinal Trades

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  • The plan behing the Cardinal Trades

    I think a lot of the underlying decisions may be based upon the need for speed. This may be based upon Tony deciding that if there is a real steriod policy that will be coming this year speed will be the deciding factor. It worked very well for Florida last year and could work for the Cardinals this year. Without steroids the National League returns to the mid 80's and manager's stop waiting for the 3 run homer. Manufacturing runs is back in.

    The last three Cardinal's to be acquired. Hunter, Womack, Cedeno all have speed. Taguichi, Luna, Anderson, and Ray Ray can steal a base. Even though the Cardinals are letting Hunter go - the theory still remains - the birds are looking for speed.
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    Hunter is being let go? Or optioned to AAA?


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      Sadly, I believe they're confusing OBP with raw running speed.
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        NO.... what the Cardinals are looking for is cheap retread players who are past it hoping for some sort of cosmic return to days gone by..

        Its called trying to cover your ass while mishandling an 84-millon dollar payroll..


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          Not sure if you're right about the motivation. And La Russa's Earl Weaver, so I don't think this team is going to run that much more. Probably some, though.

          They traded away Robinson and let Hunter go. I think adding Womack was just concern that Anderson and/or Hart weren't going to cut it.

          This team is faster though, which is one thing they did say they wanted to improve upon.
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