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Fair Tax by Neil Boortz

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  • Fair Tax by Neil Boortz

    I checked out this book recently after hearing some great reviews that say this plan equalizes the system. Supposedly people across the political band are endorsing this book and the repeal of the 16th amendment in favor of this new simpllified tax system.

    Well I read and how can I put is a crock of chicken shit.

    Essentially Boortz's plan involves abolishing the income tax and replacing it with a 23% (or 30% from a different perspective) sales tax on all goods. This will equal out the tax burden since it is a total voluntary tax on concumer goods which people from every class and income level purchase. Since I summed up the book in a couple sentences you can guess how riveted I was to the 300 pages or so. I can't believe so many trees have died to make 1 million copies and more of this elitist trash.

    First I have affinity for the current tax system. Corporations and the rich pay next to nothing while the middle class is hosed into subsidizing their riches. that said the fair tax system may be even worse than our antiquated and corrupt tax system.

    Consider a tax on consumer goods. Boortz says "essentials" will not be taxed, bread and what not. I'll believe it when I see it. Still this so called equalizing tax is may be even more skewed for the rich that the current one we have. Does a rich guy really eat more food than I do in a year? Does he use more toilet paper to wipe his ass than i do? No of course not. Oh but he buys fancy cars. Yeah that Rolls costs 300 grand. But GM sells 1,000,000 cars a year averaging $25,000 in price. How amny Rols are sold a year? 50 in a good economy. Okay that covers 1% of the cars that one car company makes. Excellent.

    Just like our current system this allows the rich to get richer while leaving the middle with nothing but their dick in their hand. No taxes on capital gains, no taxes on corporations, and once again the people with least money pay for the people with the most money's existence. Who buys 90% of consumer goods in the US? The middle class, those who make less than 250,000 a year is who. Who will sit and watch their money accumulate faster than ever? The elitist Illuminati bankers and their NWO cohorts. We just made it simpler for them to rape us. No need to set up shell companies in the Cayman Islands, no need for fancy Swiss bank accounts or criminal accountants to cook up these schemes for them. No they just sit back and watch as the sheeple consume and the money can just be piled up.

    Oh wait the Zionist Biderbergers aren't finished with their scheme. The largest generation ever and probably the richest as well is well into retirement. But how can the global elitists squeeze any more out of these people? Well they can tax em twice. That's right while all their savings has already been taxed exhorbitantly while they were earning it now as they spend their savings in their twilight years it all gets taxed over again. The Feds are peeing themselves over the joke they can play on the boomers. Fuck those assholes, this is what they get for protesting our wars.

    So lets see if I can sum up this unfair tax scheme being perpetrated on us. It will let the the rich cheat us right in front of our faces instead of behind our backs like they do now and it will bankrupt our senior citizens. Oh and guess who will have to subsidize the seniors when their money has been taxed to infinty. Yep you and me. I for one look forward to it.

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    I gotta make over $250k to get outta middle class? Shit, I gots a ways to go to get on up that hill.



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      They get the representation, we get the taxation.

      Throw the tea in the harbor already.
      Damn these electric sex pants!

      26+31+34+42+44+46+64+67+82+06 = 10

      Bring back the death penalty for corporations!


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          While I normally try to avoid Torch threads, I will say that I read the book and found it to be quite interesting. I would recommend it to anyone who would like to at least consider a different approach to revenue generation by our federal government.
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