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Peter King's MMQB (9/20/05)

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  • Peter King's MMQB (9/20/05)

    Inexact science
    Prognosticating woes, Bears RBs and Bengal-mania
    Posted: Tuesday September 20, 2005 11:22AM; Updated: Tuesday September 20, 2005 12:04PM

    This is not meant to be self-deprecating. It's a fact: I cannot pick football games.

    I think I have some good information. I certainly know a lot of the people involved. And last week, I said: There is no way the Green Bay Packers are losing to the worst team in football, at home, on the day ReggieWhite's number is retired. There is no way the Chargers start 0-2. The Ravens, with whomever at quarterback, are going to squash Tennessee. And the Vikes. Those Vikes. Daunte Culpepper is due for a monster day against a suspect Cincy secondary.

    Yeah, right.

    I went 4-12 in Week 2 just picking winners. No spread involved. I am 14-18 on the season. If I just picked teams playing at home (including the Giants Monday night), I'd be 23-9. But nooooo. I have to be the smart guy.

    This week I'll try a new system. I just have no idea what it is yet.

    Now for the e-mail.

    YOU DON'T FIX WHAT AIN'T BROKEN, LANCE. From Lance of Dennison, Ohio: "What do you make out of the running back situation in Chicago? Did Cedric Benson show you enough to unseat Thomas Jones as the starter?''

    Not at all. When a guy is running for 4.9 yards per carry, and you think about replacing him, you're not much of a football man. Jones is running hard, with some juke to him, and there's no way Lovie Smith is going to mess with success right now.

    INTERESTING QUESTION FROM BLUE JAYVILLE. From Brad Gleeson of Toronto: "Do you think some teams are really second guessing themselves about not hiring Charlie Weis? It seems as though this guy has all the tools to be a very good head coach.''

    Excellent question, Brad. The Bills had some interest when they hired Mike Mularkey, but it never got far. I'd like to see Charlie back in the NFL someday with a young, impressionable quarterback to train. But that's not going to happen for a while, if ever.

    LET'S NOT FORGET THE MAN WITH THE LONG, KINKY HAIR. From Jake Nickman, of Uniontown, Pa.: "You wrote: 'I think if Mike Brown stays healthy and the Bears win a few games, he'll give Ed Reed a run for his money as the best safety in football.' Ever heard of a guy named Troy Polamalu? He is still young, but is coming into his own. Watch the Texans game tape or check his stat line. To paraphrase Bill Cowher: Troy covers like a corner, hits like a safety and is a phenomenal blitzer. He's all over the field and is certainly a special player.''

    Agreed. I didn't see your game, and I doubt you saw the one I attended. My point was not a slight of Polamalu. Mike Brown is such an intimidating presence, and maybe the best defensive point-scorer in football right now (six touchdowns in 66 career starts), and I think sometimes guys who play for perennial losing teams get lost a little bit. With all due respect to the man of Steel, I stand by what I wrote.

    HE LIKES THE BENGALS, AND HOW CAN YOU NOT? From TonyBosch of Edgewood, Ky.: "Could you give credit where credit is due? Maybe the Vikes aren't that bad. Maybe the Bengals are really that good! Get over your Cincy-bias and get on the bandwagon now.''

    Cincy bias? I love Cincinnati. Lived in Mount Washington for five years. Shopped at the Beechmont Mall. Loved Graeter's chocolate chip ice cream. When it comes to the Bengals, I'll have to be more convinced than I am right now. I'm very impressed with the offense, which has played five terrific games in a row, dating to last year, and the D totally flustered Minnesota on Sunday. This week will be a good test. The Bears have allowed 15 points and they do a really good job of disguising coverages and sending rushers from all over the field. If the Bengals go to 3-0 at Soldier Field, I'm going to have to politely request a reservation on your bandwagon.

    YES, RAN CARTHON CAN REALLY RUN. From Julie of Randolph, Mass.: "Maurice Carthon has a son who's old enough to play professional football? Thanks for making me feel really, really old. P.S. -- I'm 40.''

    Hey, I covered Carthon when he played fullback for the Giants in the mid-80s --when Ran was 4. Talk about feeling old.

    HE WANTS JOE BURBERRY TO COACH THE PATRIOTS. From Christopher Hughes, of Brooklyn, N.Y.: "I think the NFL needs to implement a sidelines dress code for the head coaches. The three who really are making this an issue that must be addressed are Bill Belichick, Mike Mularkey and Mike Sherman. Belichick always looks like a slob. Sherman was wearing this faded green sweatshirt that looked like something he's been wearing to do yard work for the last 10 years -- like one of those sweatshirts that's been your favorite sweatshirt for a decade and your wife is trying to get you to throw out. The worst culprit yesterday was Mularkey, wearing khakis, a white T-shirt and a baseball cap. I thought he was a grounds crew member at first. If the NFL can be so anal when it comes to how the players look on the field, there's no reason it can't do something about the way the coaches are dressed. It wouldn't let Mike Nolan wear a suit, but it'll let Belichick go out there looking like he just rolled out of bed.''

    Christopher, you might be a little bit too worked up about this. But I loved the letter. Personally, I don't care a whit about this.

    Find this article at: [/b][/quote]

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    YES, RAN CARTHON CAN REALLY RUN. From Julie of Randolph, Mass.: "Maurice Carthon has a son who's old enough to play professional football? Thanks for making me feel really, really old. P.S. -- I'm 40.''

    It's not very often I see my town appear in a national publication.
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