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Yikes! Naked Dykes!

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  • Yikes! Naked Dykes!

    Proving again the unfortunate reality that nudists are generally people that nobody wants to see naked.

    60 year old titties are not for public view.

    Having said that, I hope their fight is successful..


    Topless rights advocates to appear in court tomorrow

    The Associated Press

    MORAVIA, N.Y. — Four women arrested in this Finger Lakes village after going topless on a downtown street last month say they didn't break any laws and want the charges against them dropped.

    The women, each charged with exposure, are to appear Tuesday night in village court. If convicted of the violation they each face up to 15 days in jail and/or a $250 fine.

    Charles Marangola, the attorney representing the women, said he's filed a motion to dismiss the case, maintaining that a 1992 state Court of Appeals decision allows women to go topless anywhere a man can.

    "This thing should be dismissed outright," he said. "But if it isn't and these young ladies are found guilty at a trial ... if we have to go to the Court of Appeals, we will."

    But Cayuga County Assistant District Attorney Charles Thomas said his office isn't convinced that the 1992 ruling gives blanket permission for women to go topless. Thomas said that in addition to the nudity violation, he'll argue that the women interfered with commerce.

    The four women — Carol Clarke, 54, and Barbara Crumb, 61, both of Branchport; Claudia Kellersch, 40, of La Jolla, Calif.; and Madeleine McPherson, 40, of Rochester — were arrested Aug. 11 outside a grocery store in this village of 1,600 just south of Owasco Lake, 40 miles southwest of Syracuse.

    Marangola said at least two state agencies — the New York State Police and the state Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation — use the 1992 Appeals Court decision to guide official policy.

    In the 1992 case, a Rochester city court dismissed charges against a group of women arrested for removing their tops and marching bare-breasted through a public park in protest of the nudity statute. A county court reversed the city court ruling, but the Court of Appeals, New York's highest court, ultimately upheld the original dismissal.

    State police spokesman Sgt. Kern Swoboda said troopers are instructed not to arrest a woman simply because she is topless, but to evaluate each situation before deciding whether any action is necessary.

    State parks spokeswoman Wendy Gibson said her department also uses the 1992 decision as a guide in determining that it cannot enforce its regulation prohibiting topless bathing in state parks.

    The four women were arrested by Cayuga County deputies.

    "We will charge people that are in public topless," said Cayuga County Sheriff Rob Outhouse. "It's up to the legal system to take that up and test it."
    But wait. There is something that can be done afterall. My good friend Angelo is a cop in the Tampa/Clearwater area. Since I kept all of the files from the access logs when I had the power to see them, guess what, I have everyone's IP addresses. Hmm..what can I do w/ those??

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    if they were 20 i would be all for this!

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      I'll admit it - this thread is worthless without pics.



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        Can we get one of those AngelFire pictures?
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          Love the thread title...
          You're being fucking dramatic. You own a TV and an air mattress. That's not exactly what I'd call "a lot to lose."