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U.S. Deaths In Iraq by Race and Ethnicity

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  • U.S. Deaths In Iraq by Race and Ethnicity

    The Jewish Casualty Rate in Iraq

    U.S. Deaths in Iraq by Race

    American Indian or Alaskan Native: 0.91%

    Asian: 1.82%

    Black or African American: 11.01%

    Hispanic or Latino: 11.19%

    Multiple races, pending, or unknown: 1.31%

    Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander: 1.02%

    White: 73.03%

    Israelis ("America’s greatest ally"): 0%

    American Jews: .2% — That’s approximately 1/10th of their number in the general population!


    Almost all ethnic groups are represented at close to their percentage of their population in the United States.

    The only marked exception is the Jewish casualty rate.

    They are about 1/10th of their actual percentage of the general popluation.

    If the number of Jewish dead were at the same percentage as the other groups represented, Jews would have a 1,000 percent higher casualty rate!

    Now, that’s not a 50 perecent, or 100 percent, but a 1,000 percent higher rate if they were truly represented.

    Jewish supremacists are too busy launching and cheerleading U.S. wars to do the actual fighting themselves. That’s something for the Gentiles to worry about.

    The Goyim make so much better cannon fodder.

    Here is the website that honors the Jews killed in Iraq AND Afghanistan since 9/11: Jewish Soldiers Foundation.

    A grand total of FOUR!

    Yep—that’s it.

    Despite the fact that this war was conjured up by Jewish Neocons such as Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith and Wurmser, and has been fueled by the heavily Jewish-influenced media in the United States, and has the support of the Jewish Lobby, AIPAC, and almost every Jewish leader in America, and despite the war serves the direct interests of the Jewish state, … still, only four (4) Jewish-American soldiers have died since the initiation of hostilities.

    Why are only Gentiles good enough to be sacrificed in this war for Israel?

    If this doesn’t make you step back and think a while, what will?

    If you are a patriotic American, what does it take for you to get a little angry?

    When are the American people going to rise up and say to these Jewish supremacists in America … “You want a bloody war, OK – YOU go and fight it, don’t ask my son to die in your damn war that your own sons will not fight and die in!”

    Ref. 1 Iraq Casualty Figures
    Ref. 2 US Jewish Population @ 2%