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Duhon's last second shot costs gamblers big money

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  • Duhon's last second shot costs gamblers big money

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    That shot took the air out of the building.

    Probably more than a few gamblers in attendance.
    And, frankly, it has never occured to me that "winning" a debate is important, or that I should be hurt when someone like Airshark or kah, among others (for whom winning a pseudo debate or declaring intellectual superiority over invisible others is obviously very important) ridicule me.

    -The Artist formerly known as King in KC


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      Someone on ESPN or something made note of the "insignificant 3 pointer" at the end of the game. That shot was way more significant that any other shot made in that game if you ask someone who had $ on it.

      There's Exhibit 1 on why you should not bet on sports.
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