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Tongue-eating bug found in fish...

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  • Tongue-eating bug found in fish...

    "A gross creature which gobbles up a fish's tongue and then replaces it with its own body has been found in Britain for the first time.

    The bug - which has the scientific name cymothoa exigua - was discovered inside the mouth of a red snapper bought from a London fishmonger.

    The 3.5cm creature had grabbed onto the fish's tongue and slowly ate away at it until only a stub was left.

    It then latched onto the stub and became the fish's "replacement tongue"."
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    The bugs are usually found off the coast of California, so it's possible the fish was imported to the UK. [/b][/quote]


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      People who buy fish are fishmongers??


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        If I were Gene Simmons, I'd watch what I eat.
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          i ou ahent u i ahn ihn ah uhhn
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