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Nerd Alert...something moon/other old skool comics fans

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  • Nerd Alert...something moon/other old skool comics fans

    I got a copy of the Identity Crisis tpb from DC Comics. Got pretty cool reviews in Enterainment Weekly and a few other pop culture review type places, so i thought i'd check it out.

    Pretty neat story.

    Screenwriters, TV writers and novelists are getting their hands on superhero property of late, and this is one of the better examples of what happens when someone takes a fresh look at some of the superhero icons we all enjoyed as a kid. This is a DC product too, which makes it doubly interesting. The reason I never read DC comics when i was into comics was because the characters were all too perfect, I preferred Marvel's version of heroes with clay feet.

    Anyway, what we have here is a story revolving around the late seventies, early eighties justice league. It looks behind the scenes, in the grey areas we didn't see when we first read the adventures of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Hawkman, the Flash, the Atom, Green Lantern and Green Arrow.

    Basically...back in the day, a super villan figured out the secret identity of a b list hero, then raped his wife, and threatened the families and friends of everyone in the league. So the league performed a psychic lobotomy on the guy and wiped his memory. Batman objected. So they mindwiped him too.

    Flash forward to the present. Said villan remembers what happened. So did Batman. People start dying.

    Pretty gripping read.
    Are you on the list?

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    in other news, the superman movie comes out next yr.