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Name 5 things Mike Martz does wrong other than timouts and allegedly being stupid

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  • Name 5 things Mike Martz does wrong other than timouts and allegedly being stupid

    Ok, my fellow complainers. I hear a lot of complaining and no solutions. Other than fire Mike Martz. I want to hear at least 5 things that mike martz needs to do differently other than use his timeouts better. Oh and please provide your solutions to the problem.

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    Are premature challenges covered in the timeouts or the allegedly being stupid?

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      Questionable play calling?

      Disastrous special teams year after year?
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        Consistently reaching on draft picks.

        Giving up on the running game too soon.


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          1. Make Special teams a priority
          2. Stop saying, "We'll fix that" and then have the same shit happen over and over
          3. Give up final say over the draft. Nothing wrong with him having input, but Armey has proven that he has the ability to have good drafts.
          4. Make adjustments at halftime rather than stick with a gameplan that's not working.
          5. Worry about winning games and not so much all the other extraneous BS that goes on at Ram's Park.

          And that's just off the top of my head
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            Chronically stupid penalties -- Fine players who chronically commit stupid penalties and get them off the field.

            (This game is easy.)
            On my mind: How can I shut up the singing English graduate student? How many more lossess will KU's basketball team have than its football team? How will the Rams front office screw up this year?

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              QUOTE(JWB @ Sep 15 2005, 09:08 AM) Quoted post

              Questionable playcalling?


              He bails on the run way too quickly on the road. I see that as a sign of panic. The Rams are considered a soft team. That's what you get when your lineman are on their heels pass blcoking most of the game. Run the ball more. Even if you don't get big chunks it eats the clock and minimizes the time your D is on the field. It also cuts down on turnovers.

              He also has questionalbe hiring practices. What in the hell did Marmie do to deserve the job he got? How has it worked out so far? My solution here would have been to hire an assistant from a team whose D has been in the top of the league the past few years.

              Game management (which includes no good system for challenges) sucks. No explanations needed here.

              His draft record is not exactly lights out either. My suggestion here would be to fire his ass and hire somebody else.


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                clock management...or lack of it
                play calling
                challenging a play that should not be
                the draft
                "we'll fix that" and it does not get fixed (special teams for example)
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                  wearing a jacket on a sunny, 80 degree day.
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                    My biggest issue with Martz is that we see the same problems over and over and over again, there is no adjustments made on a Mike Martz coached team, just a whole lot of stubborness. The special teams still suck, the secondary is still bad, his drafting is atrocious and pretty much always has example of that is watching Alex Barron and Ron Bartell standing on the sideline in street clothes for the first game of the season, then we have names like Ryan Pickett, Adam Archuleta, Jimmy Kennedy, Damione Lewis, Robert Thomas all to doesn't matter what facet of the game it is, from preparation, to drafting, to playcalling, to the way the team is built, its always the same problems over and over and over again. His play calling as always is questionable, instead of having a balanced attack where the Rams can utilize their offensive weapons, Martz continually decides to make the attack 1 dimensional by the end of every game. The clock management has been an issue from day 1 and remains an issue, whether it be time outs, making play calls that support the amount of time left on the clock, or challenging plays. Instead of making the safe play (that have made alot of coaches winners), Mike Martz always needs to make the decision that will get a 5 minute analysis on "what was he thinking?" on Sportscenter. Building a team and winning the way it has always been done in the NFL is not an option...everything has to be done the new and improved Mike Martz way.
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                      Do you remember that one time when the Rams had no timeouts left with 5 minutes left in the 4th quarter? Good times.

                      Do you remember that one time when Martz used his challenges up on meaningless calls and then he couldn't challenge and get an important play overturned?

                      Do you remember that one time when Martz had Bulger pass the ball too much and didn't let Faulk run?

                      What about the time in the playoffs when Martz kicked the FG with plenty of time on the clock for several shots at the endzone and then we lost in OT.

                      Oh, and what about that one game when the Rams special teams sucked.

                      That's 5 complaints but they only happened one time...............right?

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                        ok i agree with everything said above,
                        Here are a few to add

                        Red Zone offence, we don't have one, need one
                        that is the only thing i can add.

                        Martz is a co-ordinator, not a head coach

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                          What about the time that Martz went for the 2-point conversion in the first half and they didn't get it? That happened a lot last year and he did it again last week.

                          HHP, I think you need to come over and watch the game on my big TV on Sunday. Maybe your TV screen is too small and you miss a lot of Martz's screw-ups? :[img]style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/wink.gif[/img]:
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                            Martz badly needs an assistant that isn't a yes man and can say, Mike, WTF are you challenging this play? Mike, WTF are you taking so long to get the team to the line - we are down by 10. Mike, WTF don't you call a play right now as they are measuring so you can just snap the ball? Mike, WTF are you keeping that RT in the game that is getting beat every other play? He is obviously hurt or just plain sucks and you are going to get the QB killed. Mike, with time running down, why are we calling a run up the gut to Marshall? We need to throw it so if the pass is incomplete, it stops the clock. Mike, WTF are you always effing with the punters? Just pick a guy and stick with him.

                            In short, Martz's ego forces him to make everything more hard than it has to be.
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                              I see hhp started to reply and then just ran away. Must be too much overwhelming eveidence for him to rebut.
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