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McNabb has chest bruise, status undetermined

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  • McNabb has chest bruise, status undetermined

    Tuesday, September 13, 2005
    McNabb has chest bruise, status to be determined
    By Len Pasquarelli

    A battery of tests performed on Tuesday morning confirmed Philadelphia quarterback Donovan McNabb suffered a bruised chest in the Monday night loss at Atlanta, and the availability of the Eagles' star for this week likely will be determined by how he responds in the next few days.

    Coach Andy Reid said McNabb had undergone an MRI, CT scan and X-rays and that all of the tests indicated the bruised chest. There may be further tests in coming days. The Eagles play San Francisco on Sunday at Lincoln Financial Field.

    "We knew he was hurting," Reid said of McNabb. "It wasn't nearly as bad last night as it was this morning. Obviously, it tightened up on him. But he felt comfortable playing. He never said a word about it."

    Reid said that, in cases of chest injuries, the Eagles take "extra precautions" in evaluating the injury and doing follow-up testing. League rules stipulate that the Eagles don't have to officially update McNabb's injury status until Wednesday.

    McNabb was injured on the Eagles' first possession of the game on a play in which he was hit on his left side by Falcons defensive end Brady Smith and in his chest by tackle Chad Lavalais. His deep pass up the left sideline, intended for Terrell Owens, clearly was affected by the impact, and was intercepted by D'Angelo Hall.

    When he went to the sideline, McNabb removed his pads, did some stretching and was examined by the team's medical staff. He returned on the next series.

    Under heavy pressure all evening, as the Falcons generally played an eight-man front and blitzed him liberally, McNabb absorbed a fierce beating. He completed 24 of 45 passes for 257 yards and one touchdown, but had three turnovers and registered just one run rush, for no yards.

    Reid acknowledged there was far too much pressure on McNabb and allowed that the injury may have played a role in the quarterback's seeming reluctance to run.

    "He was in a little bit of pain," Reid said. "I don't know if that had any affect on his decisions to run or not run. It didn't look like there was a lot of room to run, [but] the injury might have affected it."

    Len Pasquarelli is a senior NFL writer for[/b][/quote]

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    I bet he's sorer than hell today.
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      I got a bruised chest playing Rugby one time, it hurt so bad.


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        I hate those things. I got one once while playing hockey.

        It's like you're having a heart attack.
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          You wish you didn't have to breathe.
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            Fuckin' A.

            I just picked the Eagles over the 49ers in this week's suicide pool.

            I hope he gets well soon because that sounds really painful. I also hope he gets well soon because I'd like to stay alive in the pool.
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