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Text from Martz's Sept 12 press conference

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  • Text from Martz's Sept 12 press conference

    Head Coach Mike Martz

    Monday, September 12, 2005

    (Opening statement)

    “Good afternoon. Just to sum the game up from yesterday, we had a lot of opportunities present themselves to make some plays, particularly on offense. Defensively, I think we had a couple of bad plays, in terms of the passing game. I was pleased with the defense overall, other than a couple of the break downs on the long ball, obviously. Our linebackers were outstanding. I thought Leonard [Little] was outstanding. Offensively we had a lot of opportunities, we really did, to make some plays and just didn’t make them for whatever reason. They had a few opportunities to make plays and they made them, so you have to give them credit. We were a little jittery, if you will, or just a little out of sync for a half, just trying to kind of figure out…whenever you see a defense I think you try and prepare them for too much. I think sometimes we over coached them in some respects. You know, if they do this, you have to do that, look out for this, and all of that good stuff. A little of that is playing a team that you don’t know and have a whole lot of history on in terms of their defense, and that’s, I’m sure that is some of it, but, by and large we didn’t play very well offensively in that game. I’m not very happy with our offense, what-so-ever. But we obviously can play much better, and I think we will.”

    (On the offensive redzone performance)

    “Well, it was just a lack of execution on a couple of things in particular. We had some real nice things going on down there. We had a run that would have gone in from the 20 [yard line] had it been blocked properly, and it was just on some broken plays, some things where some guys didn’t execute very well. And I can do a better job. I probably had too much on our list in the redzone, not really being sure what they are going to do with it. We just didn’t execute very well at all throughout the day offensively.”

    (On his level of frustration with special teams and their coaching)

    “Well, here’s my frustration: I know, I sit here and listen to [special teams coach] Bob [Ligashesky] coach these guys. I know every little detail, from how guys line up on the kickoff team, to their footwork, to where the kicker stands…every little detail gets covered and coached on that field. I know that, and I can’t always tell you that has been the case here. But I can tell you that you’re not going to get better coaching than this, and prepared. At one point it really becomes their responsibility. It really does. That’s my frustration. I didn’t do as good of a job of coaching that offense as I can. I’ll take that responsibility. Bob’s done a great job with that group on special teams. Now, perhaps we need to change some people, and we probably will in some certain situations. I’m disappointed that some of the younger players that we are counting on special teams didn’t step up and play as well as they should, some key players for us. We’ll have to fix that, unfortunately, but that is very disheartening, particularly the punt return. After going through practice and watching what he does with them, and to have it come out like that was very disturbing.”

    (On CB Chris Johnson returning kickoffs against San Francisco)

    “He’s a big corner that has exceptional speed. His speed, in terms of the return game, would allow him to hit it, probably a little faster than Aveion [Cason]. He’s a bigger player, and he’s going to be up, that is the difference. He was going to end up being one of our corners that were up and we were going to use him on defense. It also goes with, not necessarily who has the experience or is better, but who is going to be up. Do you have Aveion up just to return kicks? We knew C.J. [Chris Johnson] was going to be up for defense, so that is how we made that decision.”

    (On whether Chris Johnson should have let the ball go on the opening kickoff)

    “What we told these guys is that you need to get your shoulders square to make that judgment. If you can’t get over on that ball and square up to it, then you let the ball go. He never did get squared up to where he could make that kind of a judgment. You have to get your body in position to make that judgment, and he never did that. So, you need to let that ball go. It was just an error in judgment.”

    (On if Chris Johnson will get better as a kick returner)

    “He will get better, and he did a better job as time went on in that game. I think he is going to be a good player in terms of a returner for us. He certainly has that Tony Horn type of speed, that long range speed that is very effective. He certainly has the courage to hit it up in there pretty well, as you saw. We need to help him, and we will grow with this thing. This isn’t an indictment on what type of player he is, we will just stay with him and get him better.”

    (On P Reggie Hodges performance against San Francisco)

    “I think that he has been a little inconsistent through the preseason, and I think he will be fine. I think being in a game like that, I think it does affect a young player, but he should be alright.”

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    We’ll have to fix that,



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      I have to admit I'm not as annoyed by the loss as I was the other day.

      They need to figure out why Bulger was sacked 7 times and (sigh) fix that.

      Alex Barron?
      Dude. Can. Fly.


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        so he said nothing, shocking

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        Said the Quangle Wangle Quee


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          We had a run that would have gone in from the 20 [yard line] had it been blocked properly
          what a coinky dink, I saw one in the first series that if properly blocked would have went for 99.

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