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FSM, I beg you

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  • JWB
    Are we still going to do a Lounge mass call in?

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  • Bluebird
    started a topic FSM, I beg you

    FSM, I beg you

    If for no other reason than to keep your host's from looking like idiots. Three times tonight they couldn't answer a question becaue, " We dont have first hand knowledge "

    They did not know if Taquchi took less money to stay in St Louis instead of going back to Japan. He did. They said Shumacker is'nt eligible for the post season roster. He is. They said Rolen is great in the clubhouse, even hanging around after the surgery to show his support. He is'nt. He has been back home since the surgery. Larussa said in the paper the other day he may join the team on the next road trip.

    You know nothing about this team. You are in Pittsburgh for gods sake. Show your highlights and interviews, and then get the hell off the air. Stop taking calls. Please, I beg you. Stop, stop, stop, stop.