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45 Bodies Found at New Orleans Hospital

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    Oh I hope they are from the morgue and that they were not sick people that were abandoned and left to die. There have been too many "bad" stories coming out of New Orleans and I really hope this is not another one.
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      From the website...

      Recovery workers last week extracted the bodies of 45 patients
      who died at Memorial Medical Center's Baptist campus during Hurricane
      Katrina and its aftermath, officials said.

      And a witness of the hospital's first days after the storm described a nightmarish scene of staff struggling to the keep frail and elderly alive as waters rose outside and looters tried to break inside.

      "You could smell death," said Command Sgt. Major Earl Hackney of the
      Army National Guard. "But it wasn't as bad as the floodwaters."

      Despite horrendous, desperate conditions, hospital staff struggled to
      afford the dead any shred of dignity available, moving at least a
      dozen into a chapel and covering each with a blanket or placing them
      in body bags.

      "Everything was done to protect the remains," Hackney said, adding
      that security workers remained at the hospital until Thursday or
      Friday of last week to protect bodies that were scattered all over the
      hospital, some who had been brought to the top floors in hopes they
      could be rescued by helicopter.

      Mary Carstens, a New Orleans resident who evacuated to the hospital
      with her husband, a computer systems contractor there, described
      "heroic" efforts by staff to keep patients alive.

      "Nurses stayed up all night, literally, fanning patients with paper or
      pieces of cardboard just to keep them cool. There were older people
      lying on the floor on mattresses or right on the floor. Others were
      manually giving them oxygen for hours at a time," she said, describing
      the resuscitation bags that were used.

      Generators stopped working Tuesday, leaving the building
      completely without electricity, darkening the already hot and humid
      hospital until it was almost unbearable to be inside, she said.

      Outside the abandoned hospital Monday, shards of broken glass sat in
      receding pools of dark, fetid water. The ramp that sidles up to the
      hospital's emergency room was littered with tell-tale signs of the
      tragedy: abandoned gurneys, surgical masks, latex gloves, bags of
      intravenous fluid and an oxygen tank resting inside an inflatable

      Department of Health and Hospitals spokesman Bob Johannessen confirmed
      that the bodies of 45 patients at the hospital, excluding any found in
      the morgue, were recovered late last week.

      Bill Berry, a spokesman for the Houston-based Kenyon Company, which is
      assisting with the recovery of bodies, said although the largest
      numbers of bodies are being found in hospitals and nursing homes, the
      death toll at Baptist is among the highest he has heard.
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        What a shame. I guess they "forgot" about them.


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          It's becoming more and more apparent that the body bag order, based on the N.O. mayors count, is grossly exagerated.


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            Thanks, Razzy.


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              I have stayed out of these threads, and I haven't been watching anything on TV either - it' too damn depressing.

              I'm guessing they were already dead.

              I talked to a guy last night that came up from NO (at the Mardi Gras benefit). His wife was a nurse in a hospital down there, and they did just leave dead bodies there when they left the hospitals - that is if the hospitals weren't looted yet. They would just try to keep them together as they could. Granted there could have been a person or two that went to the hospital to get help, no one being there and then died. He said there was a point when people were coming into the hospitals for help, and the nurses and docs just go to overwhelmed they couldn't handle it, and just quit right on the spot - walked out.

              He also knew one of the cops that killed himself (a friend of the family). the following could be one explanation too. Anyway, one thing he said that blew me away (and may have already been mentioned) was the police were told NOT to pick up any kids that were along the routes - the only thing he can think of is that is a "normal person" would have seen the kid, they would have picked them up, not sure.

              I have no idea how much credibility this guy had - so take it for what it's worth, absolutely nothing, especially since some of this stuff could have been mentioned previously somewhere.
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                i had heard the morgue was on the bottom floor or basement, which meant it flooded. when someone died they put them in the stairwell. it sucks to read, but i can't imagine being the nurse or doctor who worked my ass off to help this patient before and after the hurricane who has to help dump their body in a stairwell cause there is nothing else you can do.