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Gammons' 2004 predictions: Pujols wins MVP

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  • Gammons' 2004 predictions: Pujols wins MVP


    Stuff relevant to the Cardinals:

    Five reasons this is a great time in baseball
    1. One has to scroll back deep into history to see a time when two phenoms like Albert Pujols and Miguel Cabrera walk in the door (and Joe Mauer, one day older than Cabrera, may be in that category). The game is dotted with extraordinary young players, none better than Pujols, whose first three years are comparable to only two players: Joe DiMaggio and Ted Williams.

    2. After two ill-conceived expansions, the craze for HR-scaled ballparks and an incredible boom in the science of hitting killed that part of the game that once was known as pitching, the cycle has turned to a new boom in pitching. The A's, Cubs, Astros, Mariners, Phillies, Marlins and Indians all have blossoming staffs of potential stars. The Orioles will have three interesting young arms in their rotation. The Blue Jays are two years away from a big-time power staff and the Pirates and Cardinals are on the brink of young rotations. Then look to this year's draft: nine of the first 10 picks could be pitchers, and the college arms from Jared Weaver to The Rice Troika (Jeff Nieman, Wade Townsend and Philip Humber) to Old Dominion's Justin Verlander to Boston College's Chris Lambert are the best in a generation.

    5. With people like Indians outfielder Jody Gerut, Javy Vazquez and Pujols, the future leadership among the players is extremely promising.

    Most Valuable Player
    National League: Bonds could win every year. Pujols is the only player ever to finish in the top four his first three years(one fourth, two seconds). Hunch: Pujols wins because of his surrounding cast. Todd Helton, Richie Sexson, Jim Thome also receiving votes.

    Significant comebacks
    7. Chris Carpenter

    16 young players who looked so good this spring they will be back in the big leagues this season
    16. Adam Wainright, RHP, St. Louis

    10 spring training surprises
    1. Ray Lankford looked 10 years younger with the Cardinals after sitting out a year.

    10 players likely to be traded by July 31
    1. Junior Griffey, Cincinnati
    2. Jason Kendall, Pittsburgh
    3. Kris Benson, Pittsburgh
    4. Ben Sheets, Milwaukee
    5. Jose Cruz Jr., Tampa Bay
    6. Ugueth Urbina, Detroit
    7. Carlos Delgado, Toronto. If he'll go.
    8. Jerry Hairston Jr., Baltimore
    9. Jose Vidro, Montreal
    10. Steve Trachsel, Mets

    Significant potential free agents (without those on whom clubs hold options)
    1B: Richie Sexson, David Ortiz, Carlos Delgado
    2B: Jose Vidro, Bret Boone
    3B: Corey Koskie, Adrian Beltre, Troy Glaus (Mike Lowell, Aaron Boone depending on their unique situations)
    SS: Nomar Garciaparra, Edgar Renteria, Alex Gonzalez, Orlando Cabrera
    OF: Carlos Beltran, J.D. Drew, Magglio Ordonez, Richard Hidalgo, Garret Anderson. Moises Alou, Jermaine Dye
    C: Jason Varitek
    Starting pitchers: Pedro Martinez, Derek Lowe, Matt Clement, Matt Morris, Russ Ortiz, Brad Radke, Kris Benson, Carl Pavano, Eric Milton, Freddy Garcia
    Relievers: Troy Percival, Rob Nen, Scott Williamson

    A hazardous guess at the playoffs

    Yankees over Minnesota, Boston over Anaheim, Houston over Philadelphia, Cubs over Arizona.

    Cubs over Houston in seven, Boston over Yankees in seven.

    Cubs over Boston in seven.

    Now watch. The Indians will beat the Dodgers in six.

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    Maybe he´s assuming Jocketty will not be the GM of this team next year because as long as he is, youth will never be the basis of our rotation.


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      Originally posted by Chesterfield Cat@Apr 4 2004, 12:02 PM
      Maybe he´s assuming Jocketty will not be the GM of this team next year because as long as he is, youth will never be the basis of our rotation.
      I disagree. As long as TLR is the manager, youth will be the basis of the rotation.