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Katrina evacuee arrested

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  • Katrina evacuee arrested

    Katrina evacuee arrested

    TCC security proven to be important

    10:59 AM MST on Friday, September 9, 2005

    By Ryan O'Donnell, Fox 11 News

    Ryan O'Donnell reports

    For now at least, the convention center is the temporary home for evacuees who have survived the devastation in the gulf and have come to Tucson.

    . After their first full day, some are beginning to start their lives. The TCC sheltered 69 displaced people Wednesday night, but that number has dropped to 67 on Thursday night, one man is sleeping on a bus, heading back to Louisiana, while the other man is sleeping in a Pima County jail cell.

    An arrest has been made just one day after Katrina evacuees arrived at the Tucson Convention Center.

    "He had narcotics with him and it turned out to be crack cocaine," said Sgt. Mark Robinson of the Tucson Police Department.

    Hurricane evacuee or not, 51 year old Stanley Barton was taken to jail.

    "What we want these people to feel is a sense of security," commented Sgt. Robinson, “and they are secure here. That’s the only incident we’ve had since we’ve been here."

    The Tucson police department has 30 officers assigned to TCC, also included are several private security guards located at most of the in and out locations.

    "I don’t feel they intimidate anyone, but I do feel they’re needed," said one evacuee.

    In less than two hours all of the displaced people who flew in on Tuesday were registered, given a cot and handed an ID badge, which must be kept with them at all times.

    "When they leave, and they’re free to leave whenever they want, they must return with a photo ID and they’re screened again," said Sgt. Robinson

    For most of the visitors, the security procedures haven’t been much of an inconvenience.

    "It’s real nice the few days I’ve been here," said another evacuee.

    As for Barton, he’s being held on a 1,500 dollar bond, but could still have a cot waiting for him at TCC.

    "I understand the Red Cross is willing to take him back," said Sgt. Robinson, “and give him a second chance here when he is released."
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