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  • Distributing season tickets..


    I'm the lucky winner who will be responsible for organizing a season ticket distribution for next year (baseball).

    I basically have a group of about 12 guys who will be sharing 4 tickets. However, one individual will only want 4 games, others will want 40 games.

    Any tips on the best way to do this?

    Lottery? One lottery 'ball' for each ticket a individuals wants. So if someone wants 40 tickets (out of 324 available), they get 40 'balls'?

    Any other ideas?

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    1. Tell the guy who only wants 4 to take a hike.
    2. Do a draft order, then distribute them that way. After that, people can trade with each other.


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      Do a draft, and the guy getting four games gets to start choosing when everybody else is down to four games remaining.


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        I agree that the guys who will be spending the most should get to choose first. I like the idea of a draft so to speak where the guy who only has 4 games gets to start choosing when everyone else is down to 4 games. Seems fair, although I'm sure he won't like it. If a guy is getting 8 games, then he should start choosing when the rest are down to 8 etc.
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          Do you know for sure that everyone will want the same games? I'd say maybe trying asking them to choose, if it comes up they do want the same games, then go with a lottery type.


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            The best way to explain it is to give you an example.
            You have 81 tickets to sell.

            Let's say you have 6 guys in the draft, and this is how they paid:

            A - 25
            B - 18
            C - 13
            D - 10
            E - 10
            F - 5

            Set up a draft with the number of rounds equal to the number of games A has this case, 25 rounds.

            In the first 2 rounds, you let everyone that everyone gets SOME good games. After that, you space out the picks so that all picks are weighted evenly and everyone has a pick in the final round. In this example, F would have 2 picks in the 1st 2 rounds, then a pick in the 25th round, leaving him 2 other picks. To space those evenly throughout the remaining rounds of the draft, take the number of rounds left (22 or 25-3 for the 3 rounds already accounted for) and then divide by that players's remaining number of picks. For F I would place those about the 9th round and the 18th round.

            It may seem complicated, but this way, you give everyone a shot at some good games, and the rounds where everyone picks could be easily calculated in excel.
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              Thanks for the ideas!!

              I told the guy wanting 4 games to fuck himself. He cried and then pissed his pants.


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                My dad splits up his group of season tix this way: assigns each a group a letter and the letter that is drawn starts the process and wraps around....

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