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  • Hardy Jackson

    Thank you for your kind inquiry concerning Mr. Hardy Jackson. The video of a grief-stricken husband who was forced to release the hand of his wife and watch while she was swept away touched the hearts of many of us.

    Mr. Jackson is temporarily staying in the Atlanta area with another family member, along with his children. We have contacted them and let them know that there have been inquiries on how to make donations to them. They were overwhelmed with gratitude to learn of that. We were also informed that the family he is staying with has taken in another family of seven, so donations are most appreciated.

    Please send your donations to:

    c/o Hardy Jackson

    7365 Little Fawn Parkway

    Palmetto, Ga. 30268-1811

    And again on behalf of CNN, thank you for your generosity and for being a valued CNN viewer.

    CNN Public Information

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    Domain name was registered last Friday. Dammit.


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      Fucker's just gonna blow all my good, hard earned, money on dope, booze, and hookers.

      Well, if I can't get some, why shouldn't he? What's that address again?