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Katrina Was a Black Op / Psy OP

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  • Katrina Was a Black Op / Psy OP

    Katrina Was a Black Op / Psy OP

    Katrina Was a Black Op / Psy OP

    By Abdul Chang (a reader)
    Note: The author's main points are valid even if you believe that weather control is impossible.

    Evidence shows that the Pentagon's DARPA used weather control technology to magnify the storm to just below a level five.

    This technology was made possible by the tropospheric barium crystal layer which has been neatly deposited for this purpose and others in the earth's atmosphere by the US government's fleet of special unmarked jets for nearly a decade. Meteorologists will agree that no tropical storm can grow from a level one to nearly a level five in a few hour's time as was claimed by the media regarding Katrina.

    Amidst this chaotic super storm, the levee was blown out with explosives. 200 yards of cement reinforced levee does not just wash out to create a breach that wide. It is physically impossible. Black Ops teams placed multiple small charges to acheive that breach. No doubt the Army Corps of Engineers will attest to that since they built the levee and therefore understand the physics involved with the maximum possible water pressure that could be upon it under any scenario.

    The New Orleans Downtowm was flooded purposefully by the Bush Junta.

    In upwards of 85% of of those flooded were poor African Americans most of which were living on welfare in blighted HUD owned property.

    This is simply a case of covert urban renewal with maximum profit and psy-op benefit for the Bush Junta. As George Bush said on friday, "Out of chaos will come a magnificent New Orleans". In other words, as the Freemasons say," Out of chaos, order". His occult shibboleth is all too clear for those that have ears to hear. One need merely analyze investment and insurance activity in the pre-Katrina New Orleans real estate and construction markets to gain a clear picture of those involved in this act of state terror by the Bush Junta against American citizens.

    The coming meteoric rise in gasoline prices, to be blamed falsely by the US government on alleged damage done by Katrina to the oil production in the gulf, will likely begin the final collapse the US economy. Avid Zionist, Allen Greenspan, the unelected Federal Reserve dictator working on behalf of the Central banking system in London which control our currency will soon retire after 18 years, and the decades planned economic destruction of America will be blamed on a hurricane and incompetent president.

    As far as the Katrina aftermath goes, the evil disregard by the US government for the people of New Orleans, which it has methodically allowed us to witness in the blatant footdragging by DHS, FEMA and the National Guard, is the intended Psyop to terrorize the citizens of the United States into accepting martial law and gun confiscation as a remedy to anarchy. The Federal Government, using a few looters as evidence, is showing us that WE THE PEOPLE will indeed be left to starve, to die, to rot amidst deliberately engineered disasters and race wars if we do not allow the Bush Junta to suspend our civil rights and to continue with "the War on Terror" unquestioned. This includes reinstating the draft and widening the conflict.

    Seeming to say, "It is either American cities or the Axis of evil that will be destroyed ", the New Orleans destroyers dangle aid in front of the suffering for days without committing it. This is meant to show us all that the US government alone holds our fate in its bloody hands and we can only expect a sardonic war of attrition from them, our occupiers in Washington. The state of Israel's army controlled media even goes so far to warn that the hand of God's protection was lifted from America due to The USA forcing Israel to remove illegal settlements. In other words, let the Zionists do what they want with impunity or America will be targeted by the US government. With Israelis like Michael Chertoff in place, clearly, Israel can make good on this sinister threat.

    Yes, Bush's polled popularity is allegedly so low now that he is being advised by his handlers to appear distant and unconcerned, letting us know that Cindy Sheehan's antiwar vigil and any wider dissent against his policies will never remove the illegitimate junta astride our federal power structure which Bush currently represents. The avid Zionsts, Chertoff, Brown, and other agents of the Bush junta appear to be enjoying their roles as comissars, deliberately showing America a slipping of the mask of democracy. These vile internationalist murderers at the top seats of our Patriot Act government will not be fired or even reprimanded for what appears to be their incompetence, but what is really carefully staged psycological warfare. No, rather, they will wallow in their power by impeding aid to victims and will no doubt justify coming atrocity against US citizens. The smug, self-satisfied manner in which these Zionist terrorists conduct interviews is meant to demoralize Americans and make their individual vulnerability in an unprotected homeland fully evident.

    The disinfo about an impending nuclear attack on American soil twice now has been follwed up instead by engineered "natural disasters". The twin black ops, Tsunami and Katrina represent just two of the many weapons in the arsenal of the US government to conduct genocidal war anywhere in the world and to make it look like a natural disaster. The fact that they can closely tie it to popular interpretations of biblical prophecy for the benefit of the State of Israel's Zionist Regime is the real clincher. Floods, famines, plagues are upon us and the architects stand to make trillions in profit and to secure their iron fist upon the throat of a greatly diminished humankind forever.

    Unless whistle-blowers come foreward with all that they know to stop this diabolical plan and unless American patriots prepare to confront their worst fears with vigilence, America and the world is doomed to live under the the rule of the Synagogue of Satan and its high tech simulacra of a wrathful god bent on selective genocide.

    Cyte says: Maybe zionists can manipulate the weather, but they cannot control it. They can manipulate our minds, but they cannot control us. They can manipulate things in the US, but they don't have full control. We can defeat them.

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        Where do you find this stuff?


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          You know, if an author wants to even have a remote shred of credibility with any random freak cataclysmic conspiracy theory he cares to pull from his ass and commit to celluloid, at the VERY least, he ought to try and run spellcheck on the article before submitting it and succumbing to ridicule and derision...


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            No favorite part..
            Originally posted by thetorch@Sep 7 2005, 09:48 PM

            Note: The author's main points are valid even if you believe that weather control is impossible.
            Are you on the list?


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    're way late dude...

              Conspiracy Info
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                Originally posted by _STLfan_in_DFW@Sep 7 2005, 10:16 PM
      're way late dude...

                Conspiracy Info
                Your link said Russians did it which is not believable. Mine says the zionists which is totally believable.


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                  Originally posted by thetorch+Sep 8 2005, 12:23 AM-->
                  QUOTE(thetorch @ Sep 8 2005, 12:23 AM)

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                  Originally posted by thetorch+Sep 7 2005, 11:23 PM-->
                  QUOTE(thetorch @ Sep 7 2005, 11:23 PM)

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                  Originally posted by thetorch+Sep 7 2005, 11:23 PM-->
                  QUOTE(thetorch @ Sep 7 2005, 11:23 PM)

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                  In all my years on the internet - from back when it was nothing but mostly bulliten boards talking to one another through telnet - this may be the single dumbest thing I have ever read.

                  And that includes the thread on this board with Glovey's SKEET drawing.
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                    Originally posted by thetorch+Sep 7 2005, 10:23 PM-->
                    QUOTE(thetorch @ Sep 7 2005, 10:23 PM)

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                    Finally, someone is not just talking about the weather, but actually doing something about it. Mark Twain would be proud.
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                      Abdul Chang?

                      That's my name, too!
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