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My FFL draft, blog style.

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  • My FFL draft, blog style.

    So this is the year I'm *not* going to play FFL at all. I enjoy it a lot, but frankly we've been so busy at work in the last month being short two managers that I feel horribly disadvantaged about joining a league.

    Unfortunately, last year I committed, more or less, to a very pricey "executive" keeper 10-team league. I saw a couple of guys in the league--the commish and the CFO--two weeks ago, and they put the squeeze on me. "I'm not sure I can play", say I. "Great, the draft is September 4th. Make your check out to Steve."


    So, after a 6-day crash course in depth charts, who went where, and who's looking good in camp, I went into this draft with much trepidation Sunday afternoon. Here's how it went.

    We do the draft at my bar, so at least I feel like I'm on my home turf. After a traditional Budweiser for good luck, I switch to St. Pauli Girl NA. Many of the other owners razz me for this decision and stay with the real beer. Edge: me.

    Everyone's got laptops this year, which shows our evolution. There are still plenty of magazines in evidence, but not a scrap of yellow legal paper anywhere.

    League format: We start 2 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 DEF, 1 K, and 1 FLEX (WR, RB, TE) each week. Unlike many leagues I've played in, QB's in *this* league get 6 full points for a touchdown pass, not just 3. That makes them incredibly valuable, I think.

    I will have the 5th pick, and then the...5th the snake-style draft. My team will be The Conrad Doblers.

    1st round:
    Predictably, LaDanian Thomlinson, Peyton Manning, and Shaun Alexander go early. Guy before me, Tim, takes Marc Bulger. Seems like a little bit of a reach in round one. But it does leave me the guy I've rated overall as #2. Deuce McAllister, come on down!

    2nd round:
    A couple more "reachy" picks in my opinion here. McGahee goes to the guy with the 10/1 pick as the first pick in the second round. Marvin Harrison goes before me. Not interested. I can't believe that, drafting in DC and surrounded by rabid 'Skins fans, that Clinton Portis is still on the board. He's gone with my pick. The second round is also notable for the first "WTF, dude?" pick of our draft. Eddie, one of our bar regulars, takes Brett Favre in the second, with a raft of quality QB's still available. There's some quiet tension after the pick waiting for the next guy to go, when finally Bob, our Commish breaks the uncomfortable silence that follows a really bad pick: "Well, Antonio Freeman and Sterling Sharpe have looked good this pre-season, so that's a good call Eddie." Much laughter.

    3rd round:
    There's a huge run on running backs going on, which is disturbing. I had a 3rd RB I wanted to take to start in my FLEX spot, a guy I thought was a bit of a sleeper, but with Priest Holmes, Steven Jackson, Corey Dillon, Domanick Davis, and both Jones boys (Kevin and Julius) gone, I'm afraid my "sleeper" is gonna be grabbed by someone else. I *wanted* to take Trent Green with this third pick. But I'm in love with my sleeper. I want him like the French wanted Lindbergh. Third round, I probably reach a bit, but I take LaMont Jordan. There's silence after the pick. Uh-oh. Then gales of laughter. "WHO?!?!?" seems to be the prevailing sentiment. Some wit asks if he's Fred Sanford's son. One guy, Doug doesn't join in. "That's actually a pretty great pick," but his validation is drowned out by the guffaws of others. Some wag offers me their 10th round pick for Jordan. Thankfully Doug says "That was my next pick too...sleeper of the draft for me." Thanks Doug. We'll show 'em.

    4th round.
    Chaos has erupted again. First defense of the draft has been taken--the Ravens defense. They're really good, don't get me wrong. Sickeningly good, as a matter of fact. But they're a defense! When my pick comes up, I need a QB. Trent Green is gone, but Kerry Collins isn't. Bingo. Score. Owned.

    5th round.
    More chaos. Someone--Dave--has picked Jerome Bettis. Since Dave was one of the most vocal guys in ripping my LaMont Jordan pick, I waste no time on him "$200 side bet, LaMont Jordan has double the fantasy points of Bettis this season." Dave doesn't take me up on it; he's too busy taking heat for Bettis. Meanwhile, I need a wideout. I haven't the foggiest idea who he is, but my draft cheat sheet says he's a stud in the making, so I take Andre Johnson. Now this is weird. I think LaMont Jordan is a terrific pick, but I know squat about Andre Johnson. Yet immedately after taking the latter player, the draft table is abuzz with that "Good pick", "Nice one," "You bastard, I was gonna take him," talk that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside during an FFL draft. Hmm. Mental note: pay attention to the Texans this year.

    6th round.
    Utter chaos. The second defense chosen in our league? By the guy who chose Favre? Yeah, he picked the Cleveland Browns defense. Unbelievable. There is no laughter when he makes the call. Immediately, the next guy picks Jason Whitten, and another guy takes Warrick Dunn, writing that Browns Defense pick in concrete. Finally, as I'm getting ready to call my pick, one incredulous owner breaks in. "Uh, Eddie? Did you mean to pick Cleveland's Defense?"

    "Yeah, why?"

    "Um, dude...that's like picking the French in a Fantasy World War II league."

    "Screw you. I was looking in this magazine" (holding it aloft) and they're at the top of almost every category last year--points, yards, everything."

    "Eddie? Eddie? That's 'points ALLOWED' and 'Yards AGAINST'."

    The hilarity puts my pick off for almost 20 minutes and gets pretty cruel. Biggest single fuckup I've ever seen in an FFL draft. Ever. But it's my pick, and I need another QB to start. Vowing that I'd never own him, but now forced to call his name, I grab Jake Plummer. "I know, I know. Having Jake Plummer on your team is an awfully dark highway to walk down." High risk, high reward (hopefully) pick for me.

    Rounds 7-9:
    A few more reachy-type picks. One guy grabs Tatum Bell, and the guy drafting right behind him takes Mike Anderson. Always fun to watch this stuff. The big reach of this round is some yutz taking Marshall Faulk. "If this is four years ago, that's the steal of the draft!" I opine. I need wide receivers badly, so with my picks here I take Hines Ward, Ashley Lelie, and Steve Smith.

    Round 10:
    This is a special round for our keeper league. League rules allow us to "keep" 2 players every year, plus our "rookie pick" if he's still on the team. Round 10 is the rookie round, and some guys are going to be drafting long-term guys, others to fill holes in this year's roster.

    Now then, all through the draft, guys have been asking about JJ Arrington, the rookie RB from Arizona. A couple of guys nearly take him, but are forbidden: league rules, rookies can only be taken in round 10, period. I know diddly squat about the incoming rookie crop at skill positions, and thus I'm frantically flipping through a magazine when the pick comes to me.

    I stall for time. "Lots of guys look good."

    "Yeah, a few good ones are left. Who's your pick?"

    Uh. Um. Stall some more. "Arrington's gone, right?"

    An obvious question, the kind you already know the answer to, but ask to fill time while to try to find someone worth picking.

    "Uhhh, no, actually."

    Two guys who've already drafted rookies ahead of me look like they've just thrown up into their own mouths. "Shit, I'll take him then!" A lot of low whistles ensue. "Niiiice pick, can't believe you got him 5th rookie pick." Yeah, me either. Woot! "Well, he's no LaMont Jordan...." Much laughter. I'm not kidding guys! Fear LaMont Jordan!!

    Late rounds:
    Very few TE's have gone, and now they start to go fast. I start the trend by holding my nose and taking Jeremy Shockey in the 11th. Much laughter ensues when Dave (he of the Jerome Bettis reach) asks if Kellen Winslow Jr. is still available. A pause. Wait. He's serious.

    "Yeah, but be sure you draft his moped, too."

    Hilarious. I add Iggles TE LJ Smith in the 12th, and then am stunned to see the Falcons D available at 13. David Carr will be my 3rd string QB, and I add Matt Stover as a K and the Eagles Defense to back up the Falcons.

    Final result for the Doblers:
    1. McAllister, RB
    2. Portis, RB
    3. Jordan, RB (he's gonna be a stud, you watch!)
    4. Kerry Collins QB
    5. Andre Jones WR
    6. Jake Plummer QB
    7. Hines Ward WR
    8. Ashley Lelie WR
    9. Steve Smith WR
    10. JJ Arrington RB/Rookie
    11. Jeremy Shockey TE
    12. LJ Smith TE
    13. Falcons DEF
    14. Eagles DEF
    15. David Carr, QB
    16. Matt Stover, K

    Let's hear it from the hive mind on these picks.
    I like cheese.

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    Awesome. Read like a Sportsguy draft play by play.

    Can Eddie be in my money league next year?
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      Damn, that was fun to read. Nice job and a great looking team!


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        Originally posted by pgrote@Sep 7 2005, 12:35 AM
        Nice job and a great looking team!
        We'll see. The rule giving QB's 6 points for a TD pass is going to be huge, I think. Makes them as valuable as RB's almost.

        Sadly, I couldn't break out of my runningback-centric mindset going into the draft, and I don't think any of the other owners could, either. As a result, the same guy ended up stealing Peyton Manning and Donovan McNabb. That could lay a hurtin' on us all.
        I like cheese.


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          Originally posted by triggercut1+Sep 7 2005, 01:45 AM-->
          QUOTE(triggercut1 @ Sep 7 2005, 01:45 AM)

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          Originally posted by steveInebriated+Sep 7 2005, 12:51 AM-->
          QUOTE(steveInebriated @ Sep 7 2005, 12:51 AM)
          Originally posted by [email protected] 7 2005, 01:45 AM

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          Originally posted by triggercut1+Sep 7 2005, 01:53 AM-->
          QUOTE(triggercut1 @ Sep 7 2005, 01:53 AM)
          Originally posted by [email protected] 7 2005, 12:51 AM
          Originally posted by [email protected] 7 2005, 01:45 AM

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          trigger.......i disagree about QB's being as valuable as RB's. reason being is, besides manning and maybe one or two others, the rest of the lot are all pretty much the same. they're gonna throw btw 20-25 TD's, and 3000+ yards. if you didn't get manning, mcnabb, or culpepper, then there was no need to rush on grabbing a QB.

          and i agree with you about lamont jordan (i took him, too). kerry collins has moss and porter to throw to, which is going to open the running game up big time for jordan.

          oh, and smack the guy who took bulger 4th overall upside the head for me a bit of a reach, you say? that guy's already lost. an abominably stupid pick.
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