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Baseball might test my idea for the wild cards

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  • Baseball might test my idea for the wild cards

    I hear a lot of talk about how the wild card team should only get one home game out of five, to make winning a division more valuable. OK with me.

    I hear the complaints that the wild card is often a team with a better record than at least one division winner----there is likely to be an extreme example of that this year because of the Western division in the NL.

    I favor a one game playoff between the two teams with the best records among the wild card contenders.

    So I am hoping that concept gets a test if two teams finish with identical wild card records. What two teams would make a good scenario for exhausting their ace pitchers a day or so before the playoffs begin? Or would they most likely be used the Saturday or Sunday? Think the losing manager will get second guessed over who he starts which game?

    If one was Clemens---would the 163rd game figure in the Cy Young vote?