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How many FFB leagues are you in?

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  • How many FFB leagues are you in?

    I'm in quite a few this season.

    3 Yahoo
    4 ESPN
    1 Sportsline
    1 RT Sports
    1 NFL
    1 Sporting News

    I think bigpeeler has the record, though. IIRC, he was in over 20 last year...

    Edit: I forgot 2 leagues! and Sporting News salary cap...

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    You forgot the Sporting News one I just sent you Steve

    I am in 11

    5 yahoo
    2 RT
    1 NFL
    1 ESPN
    1 Sporting News
    1 TQ Stats
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      1 ESPN
      3 Yahoo
      1 NFL
      1 Sportsline
      4 Exit 42/Fanbal

      I forgot RTl
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        I am in 3:
        Sporting News
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          Too much needless aggravation.
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              I've refused to play since I was robbed of winning a league I was in a couple of years ago due to the only dropped pass by a New England receiver in the last 4 years. It still makes me mad. :angry:


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                see I don't have to have a shitload of teams to make my chances better of winning one of them. I could win and I probably won't, but at least I have saved my lazy ethic.
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                  2 ESPN
                  You're being fucking dramatic. You own a TV and an air mattress. That's not exactly what I'd call "a lot to lose."


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                    Originally posted by cardinalgirl@Sep 5 2005, 12:59 AM

                    see I don't have to have a shitload of teams to make my chances better of winning one of them. I could win and I probably won't, but at least I have saved my lazy ethic.

                    What she said. Too easy to play in 10 leagues and then say I won my fantasy football league this year. Plus, how can you enjoy that? WAY too many players to keep track of.

                    I'm in a 12 team matchup league and I'm also in a 12 team total points league. That's enough for me.
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                      I'm in 3. Two with people here and one with work people. I dropped out of a 4th that I had been playing in for 10 years because the commish refused to put it on the net.

                      As it is I'm playing against myself alot and that takes fun from the actual games from me. 3 is plenty. I can't imagine being in as many as some of you are.
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                        4 Yahoo
                        1 RTSports (If you effers will ever get around to drafting)
                        1 ESPN
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                          I'm in 3 Yahoo! leagues, 6 if you count the salary cap leagues. I'm not doing any of the others...

                          But I'm also in 3 fantasy racing leagues, 3 fantasy baseball leagues, a fantasy F1 league, and a fantasy curling league...
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                            If you are in more than 3, God help you. Get a life.


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                              4 Yahoo, 1