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My FFL had their draft today...

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  • My FFL had their draft today...

    10 teams/20 rounds.

    I'm tired.


    I had the second pick in this league.

    #1: Peyton Manning
    #2: Steven Jackson
    #3: Torry Holt
    #4: Tatum Bell
    #5: J.J Arrington
    #6: Steve Smith
    #7: Dallas Clark
    #8: T.J Duckett
    #9: Panthers (Defense)
    #10: DeShaun Foster
    #11: Brian Finneran
    #12: Terry Glenn
    #13: Eli Manning
    #14: Bobby Engram
    #15: Jeff Wilkins
    #16: Travis Henry
    #17: Antwane Randell-El
    #18: Seahawks (Defense)
    #19: Ben Rothlinsberger
    #20: Anthony Betch


    I think my RB position may be weak. Alot depends on Arrington's progess as a rookie and Henry's recovery from injury. Steven Jackson is a horse.
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    Not bad, kev. I think you started a little weak, but made a great recovery. You should be in good shape.
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      Unless something else happened in the last 24 hours, Tatum Bell is sitting at #2 on the Broncos depth chart. He'll get carries, and probably will displace Anderson as #1 in a month or so, but worth considering.

      Jackson looks like a beast, but you're gambling bigtime that in the Red Zone Martz won't be giving key touches to Marshall. Scary to have one and not the other.

      Roethlisberger at 19 is a steal.
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        Torry Holt
        Steve Smith




        Brian Finneran
        Terry Glenn
        Bobby Engram
        Antwane Randell-El

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          Steven Jackson in round 2?
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            Watch your bye weeks. They can jump up and bite your ass. Make sure that you have decent 2nd stringers just in case of the bye or the dreaded injury bug.
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              I like your team. You did a good job protecting yourself with running backs. A couple out of Steven Jackson, Foster, Bell, Arrington and Henry should emerge as solid starters for their teams, although Jackson and Foster are injury risks.


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                You look a little weak at WR if Smith doesn't make a complete comeback from injury.

                Otherwise, looks fine.

                Have a fun season.
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