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  • Upcoming Pitching Matchups

    Tonight - Mulder v Ezequiel Astacio
    Saturday - Carpenter v Roger Clemens
    Sunday - Marquis v Wandy Rodriguez (L)

    Labor Day - Morris v Mark Prior
    Tuesday - Suppan v Glendon Rusch (L)
    Wednesday - Mulder v Maddux

    NY Mets:
    Thursday - Carpenter v Kris Benson
    Friday - Marquis v Jae Seo
    Saturday - Morris v Pedro Martinez
    Sunday - Suppan v Tom Glavine (L)

    NOTES: Roger Clemens' normal rotation turn would come tonight. Garner is holding him back a day to pitch against Carpenter. I have no idea why. Roger's problem is that his team never scores runs for him. And now he's going up against a guy who doesn't give up runs to anyone? Plus, if Garner was going to sneak Astacio into the rotation anyway, why didn't he do it yesterday against Cincinnati? That way he could push Oswalt into tonight's start against the Cards? Oh, well. Not the first time Garner's thought processes have been questioned here.

    Matt Morris will get Mark Prior and Pedro Martinez in back-to-back starts next week. Now would be a good time to snap out of his recent funk.

    The Cards will just miss both Zambranos. Victor, who pitches for the Mets, will start the last game of their series against Atlanta just before the Mets come here. Carlos Z will pitch the first game for the Cubs against San Francisco - the day after they leave St. Louis.
    This game's gotta be played with fear and arrogance - Crash Davis

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    Probably so Roger can skip the road trip to Philly,and go watch Koby in Greenville,Ky


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      hoorah. im going tuesday. nothing better than a suppan vs rusch matchup
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